What is your definition of Global Warming/Climate Change (whatever they call it these days)?

i am looking for a sexy title for this topic. please try and make it as short as possible, if you don't then it better be a good explanation. =)

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    Global warming/climate change has just become a new religious cult based in greedy power grabbing and hopes of world domination through "climate legislation". In the past it was the religious zealots who burned the truth telling scientists at the stake today it is climate change political zealots trying to silence the truth tellers and sell the world some very expensive SNAKE OIL.

    It seems global warming advocates are determined to turn logic and biology upside down. Anyone who remebers basic high school biology knows carbon dioxide is essential to plant life as oxygen is essential to human life. These two basic facts can't be separated. Only Obama-style liberals will attempt to convince us about how critical combating global warming is to the Earth's survival. As then Sen. Hillary Clinton said to Gen. David Petreaus, we must be "...willing to suspend all disbelief." I'm not willing to do so!

    Global warming, or climate change, which ever they decide to call it this year, is not based on science at all. it's all based on the consensus of a few scientist who have something to gain by furthering this farce. Guess what that is? $$$$

    Anyone who believes Carbon Dioxide is a pollutant should stop breathing. Since we exhale Carbon Dioxide in every breath, we are literally polluting the atmosphere. So stop breathing and reduce your carbon footprint, or say NO to cap and trade & the whole global warming hoax.

    We can't project an accurate forecast a week in advance and yet we say that we're doomed in the future? I believe in eliminating waste and keeping things clean so that I, and my family, can safely enjoy the outdoors but I also know where the comforts of life come from and that is manufacturing that uses energy and supplies that are either grown or mined somehow. Follow the research grants and see what is being pushed.

    I have a simple question I would like someone to answer for me, If the specific gravity (relative density) of air is 1.00 and the specific gravity (relative density) of CO2 is 1.5189, that means CO2 is heavier than air and settles on the Earth's surface where green plants need it. How then can CO2 be in the Earth's upper atmosphere and stratosphere trapping the Sun's rays and heating up the planet? Anybody? Anybody? Hello? That's what I thought.

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    Definition of global warming = fraud.

    The UN and other globalist groups just was to institute a carbon tax and turn carbon credits into a hot new commodity. Al Gore, who owns many carbon trading companies, has already made millions from carbon credits, and when its mandated by international law, he'll make billions...

    Source(s): www.infowars.com
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    From the first link below:

    Global Warming — An overall warming of the planet, based on average temperature over the entire surface.

    Climate Change — Changes in regional climate characteristics, including temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind, and severe weather events.

    From the 2nd link:

    "But temperature change itself isn't the most severe effect of changing climate. Changes to precipitation patterns and sea level are likely to have much greater human impact than the higher temperatures alone. For this reason, scientific research on climate change encompasses far more than surface temperature change. So "global climate change" is the more scientifically accurate term."

    So I hope that clears up the terminology. Not sure how to sexy it up. How about "A Good Planet is Hard to Find?"

  • Global Warming- a series of patterns that gro larger and larger as the Earths climate becomes warmer. This is due to the CO2 in the air caused by pollution. This CO2 is trapping in sun rays that is heating out earth

    plus** well get more solar energy

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