Does this sound typical of a stuck up girl?

I'm a 17 year old brunette with blue eyes, slightly tall, and average weight. I think I look kind of like a less attractive version of this:

I don't think I'm that attractive, but a lot of guys seem to like me. I've caught guys staring at me a lot, some have constantly tried to talk to me (I always reply politely). One guy blushed every time I was near him (he's sweet, but came on strongly). There was this popular guy who's friend urged me to go out with him; eventually I talked to the guy personally and told him I wasn't sure if I was ready (which was the truth). And I've had guys at tables saying things like "yo, check out the rack on her!" I hate when guys do that (it's happened at least five times). I've been asked out a lot, but I've never dated (I try to have tact when refusing). On Friday I heard a group of girls calling somebody stuck up, matching my description. I felt so bad, really, I don't see myself that way.

I don't know why guys like me, I'm not a flirt. I'm very shy and quiet, I only have a few close friends, and it's just with select people, not a posse or anything. I don't really start conversations with people, they usually start them with me. I'm not really a party-goer, so typically my Saturday nights are spent reading or daydreaming. My self esteem depends on my mood, which sometimes changes by the hour but not outwardly. I get good grades (lowest mark is 81%) but that's only because I do what I have to. I try my best to be nice to people.

And my style is different. I dress conservatively, not much colour or skin. I usually just wear jeans and a T. But I wear certain dressy styles sometimes. I'd wear outfits like a red sweater, black skirt, nude hose, and black heels; or a black sweater dress with nude hose and heels. Yeah, I wear hose; I don't like to show too much skin. But not shiny hose - usually they're semi-sheer, a bit thick, and have a reinforced toe. They look like this unworn:

Sometimes with a skirt/sweater on a cold day, I wear a bodystocking (pantyhose that go up to the neck, with sleeves):

I prefer heels over flats; I think they look nicer.

I'm self-conscious of my toes, so I rarely wear sandals. In warm weather I wear these:

Sometimes I like to curl my hair.

What am I doing that's giving the impression I'm stuck up? Is it because I've never said yes to being asked out?


No, I don't understand why they like me. I don't even think I'm all that good looking. I'm not outgoing or attention seeking. I don't get it.

Update 2:

lol yes, I like never have anything to talk about.

Update 3:

I only wear hose when I wear a skirt or a dress; never below my pants.

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    You sound so similar to me that it makes me wonder if it's a reflection of what happens to me ;).

    Anyhow, I doubt your personality is "stuck-up." From the few I've read, I'd say that you just have some trouble creating bonds with people because approaching them, and having a reason to say something is hard. Or maybe your lack of daily communication has gotten in and daydreaming is the source of your thoughts.

    Ok the answer is actually simple. When those girls see those guys approach you, the girls, because they know nothing of you get a bit jealous and also, because maybe you rarely ( if ever) have had a chat with them, so they judge you into the category of a girl that doesn't like to talk to people because she thinks shes better. Thats how they see it. Also, because you're naturally smart, they might get jealous in that area. So in their view, they see you as the perfect girl yet stuck-up up because it's too good to be true. But if they get to know you, they might like you. Good luck in life. You have good taste and also, I think your future is all good. -thumbs up- lol

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    Alright, well Im a guy, and you don't sound stuck up on paper, but in person, because youre so conservative, it can give the impression that you may be stuck, the no color or skin thing is what really puts everything in perspective. Because you don't have a lot of friends, and only a selelct few, then you seem like you may be a bit shy and therefore are simply polite to the people around you. Now if you even somewhat resemble that girl from the post then yea, girls will hate you and guys will love you. Try to be a little more open. And if you can, try wearing some shorts? or maybe not wear the hose one day? Be more approachable.

    OK there you go. (sorry if I sound mean or something. I don't mean to.) =)

  • 4 years ago

    I read the whole thing and I think that that it is a mixture of her trying to get attention and being 4. This sounds horrible to even suggest but it's sounds like your friend doesn't spend a lot of time with her one on one. I get that from 1 when you asked what she was doing your friend didn't have an answer my kids do some weird things but I can always tell you what and why they are doing it, 2 the biting and spitting those are common signs of attention getting the child doesn't get praised for good and punished for bad. Kids will do anything for attention even bite or spit and by your friend not correcting it (not correcting negative behavior is usually good because then the child will think well that didn't get her attention and not do it Again but I have to be honest if my child bit me I would smack her) and three if a child doesn't get attention from parents like reading or conversation there vocabulary will be poor. I am not saying your friend is a crappy mom just that i think she need to spend more one on one with the child. I don't think she has Autism so many people jump to autism when a child acts less than normal and you what it's usually because they are closed minded and don't understand their children. I was told my daughter was showing signs of it because she hates everyone and she is afraid of sand and needs to be reminded 100 times in 20 minutes that I'm still in the room. I dug deeper and deeper because I got so sick of everyone saying OH you should have her tested for autism when her fine motor skills were way advance along with her verbal communication. I found out through research, doctors and a therapist she has a sensory disorder with touch, basically she is in constant fear of someone touching her with like a texture she doesn't like, therefore when we go somewhere she screams and cries and throws things and has resulted to biting, slapping, pulling hair and other things simply because of a sensory disorder. There are tons of things out there people are not aware of and every child is different and every parent is different.

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    From your post, i wouldn't count you as "stuck up." They're probably jealous because YOUR the one getting asked out all the time yet you reject every person. If you are the person they are actually talking about, they probably see it from the point of view that you feel your too good to go with any of those boys. But if i were you, i wouldn't care what they say about me. Those people shouldn't be important to you. Just keep being you and just care about the people who are actually important to you. Don't change anything about yourself just because of what people think or say. Hope you stay yourself. :)

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  • robbie
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    it sounds like you are shy but together.the guys ask you out then get turned down so they think your stuck up. the girls see you as competition and not going out as stuck up. dressing nicely in heels hose and dress attracts the guys and makes the girls want to have your looks. just be yourself and you will be alright

  • 1 decade ago

    from what i can gather from the post i don't think you're stuck up. don't worry about it too much 'cause it'll do you no good. and don't be afraid to be yourself. it's the best you can do, and all you really need to do.

    with love~

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    I would like you because you can be yourself instead of following others.

  • 1 decade ago

    ummm idk u sound lyk u wudnt really be but ur vry descriptive in wat everyone lyks about u lyk ur trying to brag ryt now.. no offence girls can just get mad tht ur prettier than thm and get all the guys evn tho ur not trying but idkk dont listen to thm

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