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DVD Recorder Issue From TiVo?

I have been recording numerous Tivoed programs onto DVD using my Sony DVD burner for years (and for my own personal use).

I have been unable to DVD episodes of "Friday Night Lights" off my TiVo (I'm with DirecTV),as after about 2 minutes of recording it warns of copyright protections and aborts the recording. Everything I normally DVD-Record is from my TiVo and it is all network television (but this is the first time I am trying to record the Directv channel 101.

How does this work? What signal is involved that tells my Sony DVD recorder that my TiVo is playing back a program that it is not permitted to record?

Is there anyway to circumvent this issue? Or a forum someone can point me to to better assist me in learning more about this.



I should add that the on-screen message is "INF WRITE", but the blue screen of death on the TV shows that there are copyright issues.

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    The signal is called CGMS-A. Thete mey be technological fixes, but in respect for copyright holders, I won't mention them.

    Since FNL is a broadcast series, and broadcasters are not permitted to carry such signals, nor are cable providers permitted to add them to broadcast stations, you can complain to the cable provider.

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