Should I take Physics or AP statistics?

By the time I will have to choose between the classes I will have taken Algebra I and II, Geometry, and Chemistry Honors. Personally, I like science better than math but I heard that Physics is more math than science. I don't plan to do anything with math in college but I want to take a more enjoyable math class for me in high school. Which do you recommend?

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    Is it AP Physics or regular physics. If it's regular physics, I'd definitely take AP statistics because if you do well enough on the AP exam you'll get college credits which means costing less, and not having to take subjects over again.

    If it is AP physics, AP physics uses some calculus. The calculus is pretty basic and typically teachers will cover it in class because many students (at least when I was in HS) were taking calculus concurrently. If you are going to be pursuing more physics in college (or engineering or other types of science) having AP credits in physics is helpful.

    Hope that helps!

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