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How do I turn peach to orange?

I'm doing a project about mitosis and i need to turn peach to orange. The only colors i have is light green, dark green, light blue, turquoise, black, green,light pink, and blue. i mixed light pink and light green to make pink but i need orange. Help?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You actually *can't* make orange from the colors you listed (but if you had orange --or red+yellow which is what makes orange-- you could make peach by just adding white to lighten that).

    Almost all the colors you have, except pink, are on the wrong side entirely of the color wheel to get to the side where orange is.

    (Where did you get the "peach" color to start with, btw??)

    You don't say what type of medium you're mixing with though... I'm assuming probably a water-based paint --like acrylic paint or watercolor paint or even poster/tempera paint?

    So if you have any of those in red and yellow, you could mix some of those into the other water-based paint you're already using to change its color... in other words, add a bit of red and yellow poster paint or food coloring or even ink if you have it, to your acrylic paint, then mix together... or vice versa since all water-based colorants can be mixed together.

    Other colorants that would work if you have them are probably alcohol inks, icing dyes, some inks in bottles for ink pens or stamp pads, etc... or even ground (powdered) spices with concentrated red or yellow coloring--like paprika for red, and turmeric or perhaps mustard or curry or saffron for yellow.

    You might need to start by mixing together *just a little of the ground spice* plus water or your paint to make a paste, before adding more and more liquid, to get them to mix most easily, or you may need to stir hard and a lot to mix some types into liquids.

    (It's unlikely most cake-type watercolor paints would be strong enough for this, but if you have the artists version of watercolors that come in tubes, they're very concentrated in color.)


    Diane B.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Because if you get bleach on denim they turn orange, you're not supposed to bleach jeans. Even if you get a little bleach on them they turn orange, I can't imagine washing jeans in bleach. You're not supposed to bleach any colors, haha

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  • 1 decade ago

    Red and yellow. But if your painting then try yellow and brown. Hope I helped:)


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