How can I increase my DPS on WoW?

I'm a level 80 hunter and my dps is trash. I can barely get over 2k sometimes, and my group makes fun of it. :( I'm a marksman hunter too.

is my armory link. :/

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    imo survival is the way to go. i have nothing against MM but theres a big DPS difference. MM used to be my favorite until i tryed out survival so i recamend if your really desperate to increase DPS to give it a shot. if you do happen to go survival they thrive on agility so the more you have the better, i noticed your already hit capped so thats a great start so the next part would be to learn a rotation.rotations one of the most important keys to DPS. theres lot of website that will inform you about a lot of the stuff you need to increase your stats. try this place out

    and if you ever want to look up my hunters stats and tree this is his armory

    I hope i was helpful :)

  • *ash*
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    have you ever thought of buying duel spec and being marksman and beast master? if you do that then your dps will go up from your pet's attacks. Make sure your gear has agility along with hit rating, etc.

    you can drink agility elixirs before you raid or do dungeons. and make sure you have the best arrows or bullets you can get (ones that have more dsp on them) you can get some good ones from the auction house.

    and its helped me alot by making a macro for all my cool downs...including rapid fire, my trinkets, and my pet cool downs. it saves alot of time by only having to click one thing instead of like 5 at the beginning of boss fights.

    Source(s): i play hunter class...level 78
  • 3 years ago

    in case you do heroic 5 guy with the dungeon finder on random you may get a ton of badges an afternoon. you may get your T9 set eather in dal or the argent tourny grounds. And remeber as cat dps you place on rather an identical kit form as rogues for stats. Fior you weapon choose for the polearm this is in H TOC(Marrowstrike) and as quickly as your geared sufficient the polearm from H HOR (whale looking spear) yet each and all the person-friendly kit you prefer is from trademarks and the coolest end 5 guy heroics , TOC, FOS, POS, and HOR

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    Alt + F4 increases dps....

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  • Roxxas
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    potions, sharping stones, better ammo.

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