if my daughters father is not allowed to be around kids under the age of 18 in NY can he go to another state?

can he go to another state and be with someone who has his child? He is mandated by NYS not to be allowed around his children or any other child under the age of 18 unless supervised. Im asking this because his gf who is pregnant thinks that they can in maryland and from what i read from his papers is that he can not go to another state and violate that order.


also he pled out to this case so there is no way that he can even get this off his back. He will always be stuck with this court order.

Update 2:

he actually is in jail here in NYS...he turned himself in for back child support but nobody knows about the kid...i was thinking about calling CPS tomorrow

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    Article IV Section 1 of the United States Constitution: Full, Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State. And the Congress may be general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof.

    It means that any courts in the United States must honor a New York's court order. Maryland authorities should be notified immediately, his picture should be sent to the State Attorney General and a BOLO for his car if he drives. Once when located, he would be arrested.

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    He will have to go through the court system to gain permission as well as disclose the state, city, address etc. He will need to start off by going through NY's courts system then on to Maryland's explaining his situation. The NY's system may correspond with Maryland for him.

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    I think he/she needs to read his probation papers again b4 he's incarcerated in Maryland.

    All you can do is suggest they know the conditions under which he can live maybe offer a prayer for his enlightenment and then move on.

    Do not stress yourself over him/her.

    I know he is your daughters father but you cannot save him from making bad choices

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    i think of you may seek advice from somebody which you will believe and that i propose believe with like your existence perhaps they might flow including your little ones and permit or no longer it fairly is supervised on the top of the day he has no suited calling you and perilous you. yet in the past you do all of which you may telephone the courts and ask for his utilising status as i think of your ex is hiding some thing as quickly as you have that tips then you certainly may additionally make up your recommendations up permit him see them or no longer you agree on as you are the main severe individual in there lives sturdy success and take care bear in recommendations be solid as your little ones desire you to be.

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