how can i become a good actress like billiepiper?

i want to be a actress and i think shes really good at acting and i want to be big as her if you don't know who she is she plays rose tyler in doctor who and shes in call girl

im 13 btw will it take me like till im 20 to become a actress i want to be a onscreen actress


even if i dont go to theatre school and go normal school and just go to drama club and take lessons (if it makes sense)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You asked the same question, yesterday.

    No one, no one . . . not even the most psychic person in the world. And I am a great psychic, can guarantee or promise you a way to be "big as" or if it will take you until your are 14, 20, 40 or 90 years old! It could take you forever . . . or never.

    No one, only maybe God (who doesn't answer directly on this forum), dear; can tell you the timing, or how to time something like an acting career.

    I told you . . . I looked up Billie Piper (we don't know her here in America, as well). She began as a POP SINGER in her teens. Are a singer? Do you take voice lessons? Will they or do your parents drive you to auditions and pay for your schooling in acting, singing and dancing?

    If they do not . . .you must just take your chances in the drama club at regular school. And do what you can once you are old enough to take yourself to auditions.

    And you may still never become "famous". You are seeking fame or you are seeking to be an actress. Many actresses never become famous. I'm one of them. I act, on stage and have been in films and on tv . . . and am not famous, nor rich. And I started before you! At the age of about 8-years-old. I'm now 46-years-old and maybe tomorrow I will be famous.

    Still, my goal is to be . . . "working" as an actress. If they pay me, I'm happy. Fame has nothing to do with me loving acting. I love to entertain . . . I love to be on stage . . . I love to act and sing! It brings me joy!

    And sweety, "fame" has nothing to do with people loving or liking you or money!

    You must love yourself, inside and out and accept yourself . . . fame, if you do not love and accept yourself, will only make low self-esteem worse.

    I know many of you young people only want to be in acting because you think it means you are rich and everyone will love you. It's just not true.

    Many people who have thought that are overwhelmed by the fame, if they make it: and it kills them . . . Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Anna Nichole Smith and so many more.

    Read these books for the real deal:

    "Respect For Acting" by Uta Hagen

    "Ask And It Is Given" by Jerry and Esther Hicks

    "Being and Doing" by Eric Morris

    "Acting Professionally" by Robert Cohen

    “Toxic Fame: Celebrities Speak on Stardom” by Joey Berlin

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