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Pink Floyd fans: is it fair to say that Led Zeppelin is better & more complete than PF (plz read details)?

LZ > PF bands:

1) LZ vs PF bands: PF only wrote sad, depressing songs (and mostly slow songs). LZ wrote all kinds of songs: Rock n Roll (Immigrant Song etc), depressing (Ten Years Gone, Since I've Been Loving You etc), Bluesy (I Can't Quit You Baby etc), Acid/psychedelic (Down By The Seaside, Dazed and Confused), Arabic/Middle Eastern (When the Levee Breaks), slow soothing (Tangerine), even scary songs (Whole Lotta Love). Pink Floyd didnt explore too many genres. PF are innovative with their cash registers, helicopters, classrooms, animals, lasers, movie and DSOTM t-shirts. LZ are musical genuises; they don't need them to be successful.

2) Band Members: PF fans said that Gilmour played with emotion & Page didnt. False. See the emotion in Achilles Stand, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter etc. Gilmour has only slow, emotional solos, Page has them all. People say Gilmour was a cleaner player & Page was sloppy, Page had much more variety. Plant is much better than Waters & Gilmour, Bonham was the best drummer ever, JPJ is a legend.

When PF fans run out of arguments, can only accuse LZ of being thieves. However, PF exploited Barrett's condition to keep themselves afloat ("Shine on you ---", "Wish you were here"), and had certain shady dealings to say the least.

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    I don't like Pink Floyd at all. Zeppelin is definitely better.

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    Why can't you just accept they are both great bands. They aren't even the same genre Zeppelin was hard rock and Pink Floyd was progressive. Are you going to argue that Metallica vs The Beatles next.

    In terms of influence Pink Floyd has influenced thousands of bands while Zeppelin along with The Who were the last true hard rock bands as metal was rising. Don't get me wrong i love Led Zeppelin and i think they were much better musicians, but i think Pink Floyd was much more innovative and inspirational which can be seen in almost all modern progressive bands.

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    They are both two of the greatest bands of all time. I believe that Led Zeppelin spanned more genres and produced a larger body of classic tunes than Pink Floyd did.

    I appreciate them both for what they are. David Gilmour and Jimmy Page both created guitar solos that would give you chill bumps. David Gilmour is a more polished player, while Jimmy seems to have more of a range of styles he can play.

    As far as influence and legend status - Led Zeppelin wins by a mile in my estimation.

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    Not going to even comment on 1 or 2 because they're stupid. (Although Jimmy Page is pretty sloppy, but I love him.)

    Pink Floyd never "exploited" Syd Barrett's condition, Wish You Were Here and Shine On You Crazy Diamond were off the same album... There were two theme kind of things on that album, the music business (Welcome to the Machine, Have a Cigar), and the rest was written for/inspired by Barrett. So, that's pretty much it. Argument invalid.

    The Led Zeppelin argument is in a way correct, I'm not saying they STOLE music, but they "borrowed" quite a bit.

    Source(s): Don't get me wrong, I love Pink Floyd AND Led Zeppelin. Neither is "better" than the other. Both are amazing in different ways.
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    Im gonna have to agree with those that said they were 2 different bands. They were different in every aspect. Their sounds and arrangements were opposite. To say that Page was a sloppy guitarist is just ridiculous. He made that instrument do things that others are still trying to do. Gilmours playing but you in a trance. Even if you didnt just drop a hit...LOLOLOL...

    They are 2 of the greatest bands ever and need zero comparison to each other...

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    OK I'm not sure but all I know is there is a Mr.Floyd who lives down the street and he's not depressing at all.In fact he's happy because his daughter "Pink" finally moved out.As for an actual "Lead"(you apparently mis-spelled it) Zeppelin,that doesn't make any sense because everyone knows a Lead Zeppelin could not fly.Hope this helps you to leave Floyd alone!

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    i dunno. they dont even play the same music so i dont think you can compare. i know i would rather see a pink floyd concert than a lz. frigging epic. love both of em because no matter what they have done or do they still beat any band that has been around in the last 10 years atleast. spesh with todays music who fail in comparison to these legends. x

    Source(s): just the music i was brought up on
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    I think Led Zep is definitely more complete because they really stretched their borders, but its really a judgement call to say who's better. Some people love Pink Floyd and say they are better. Personally, I say Led Zeppelin is better.

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    Haha, how is When the Levee Breaks Arabic/Middle Eastern?

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    Are you still going on about this? Remember what I said before about the fine line between hobby and mental illness. This level of obsession is not normal. Next you'll be slaughtering helpless animals and then we all know what happens after that...

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    Pink Floyd's better than LZ. I can't explain how.

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