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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicRock and Pop · 1 decade ago

Pink Floyd fans: is it fair to say that Led Zeppelin is better & more complete than PF (plz read details)? LZ did much better as a band than PF

PF only wrote sad, depressing songs (and mostly slow songs). LZ wrote all kinds of songs: Rock n Roll (Immigrant Song, Rock N Roll etc), depressing (Ten Years Gone, Since I've Been Loving You etc), Bluesy (I Can't Quit You Baby, Lemon Song etc), Acid/psychedelic (Down By The Seaside, Dazed and Confused), Arabic/Middle Eastern (When the Levee Breaks, Kashmir), slow and soothing (Tangerine, Going to California), even scary songs (Battle of Evermore, Whole Lotta Love)

LZ incorporated rockabilly, reggae, soul, funk, classical, Celtic, Indian, Arabic, pop, Latin and country in their music. Pink Floyd didnt explore too many genres.

PF fans said that Gilmour had emotion in his guitaring that Page didnt have. That is false. See the emotion in Achilles Stand, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter etc. Gilmour has only slow, emotional solos, Page has them all. People say Gilmour was a cleaner player and Page was sloppy, that isnt a basis however to claim he was better: Page had much more variety.

Plant is much better than Waters and Gilmour, Bonham was the best drummer ever, JPJ is a legend. PF are innovative with their cash registers, helicopters, classrooms, animals, lasers, toys and DSOTM t-shirts. LZ are musical genuises; they don't need the toys PF needs to be successful.

When PF fans run out of arguments, can only blame LZ for being thieves. However, PF exploited Barrett's condition to keep themselves afloat ("Shine on you ---", "Wish you were here"), and had certain shady dealings to say the least.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    i love Zeppelin, i can listen to them and stray away from the world.

    as for PF, they are amazing, but it just doesn't click like it does with Zep.

    Plants voice is perfect, and Page on that guitar- brilliant!

    Source(s): p,s im a hardcore PF fan as well..
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Why can't you just accept they are both great bands. They aren't even the same genre Zeppelin was hard rock and Pink Floyd was progressive. Are you going to argue that Metallica vs The Beatles next. In terms of influence Pink Floyd has influenced thousands of bands while Zeppelin along with The Who were the last true hard rock bands as metal was rising. Don't get me wrong i love Led Zeppelin and i think they were much better musicians, but i think Pink Floyd was much more innovative and inspirational which can be seen in almost all modern progressive bands.

  • 1 decade ago

    So you basically posted a question to brag about how you think Led Zeppelin is better than Pink Floyd? Stop trying to divide what should be together. LZ fans shouldn't be against PF fans, the two should appreciate good music and be against the crappy music we must deal with today.

  • The song structures of PF are far-far more complex than LZ....i dont think many will deny makes up for the individual technique of every member....Page might've been technically more efficient but i prefer Gilmour over Page anyday...Page was sloppy live...Gilmour's live performances were exquisite...very touching solos!!! the differences in song structures is the reason both are classified under different is prog/psychedelic rock and the other hard rock...and its a common fact that it takes more art (not technical skill) to create prog/psych. rock than straight forward hard rock....

    i guess u just want to force yourselves to believe that LZ is better....convince yourselves 1st...Plant is better than waters and gilmour!!..are u high??..even LZ fans agree Plant's pretty bad at times

  • 1 decade ago

    What you're saying is like saying "apples are better than oranges" or "strawberries are nicer than roast beef".

    Firstly its all subjective so what one person will love another might hate and you simply can't compare two different styles of music. You obviously love LZ. Someone else might have exactly the opposite view and love PF and hate LZ. Who is right? ......neither.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Pink Floyd is an all time fave for me. But I wouldn't say one is greater than the other.

  • 1 decade ago

    possibly more complete but def not better pf is still gaining new fans lz is not.

  • 1 decade ago

    you aren't looking at it from much of an artistic point of view...if you are,you don't sound like it..."crazy diamond" didnt need to have lyrics to be good,neither did "wish you were here"...listen to it for the music,and stop worrying about which band that produces it is better.we're lucky we had them both...

  • 1 decade ago

    It's a matter of personal opinion. I enjoy both with neither being the top billing.

  • 1 decade ago

    overalllllll the members of Led Zeppelin are way more talented than the members of Pink Floyd. every single one of them are better musicians

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