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What should I get, Playstation 3 or Xbox-360?

I dont know what to pick. I love Playstation and Sony but the Playstation 3 was really dissapointing to me. It dosnt feel like A Playstation console. They are not many games I enjoy any more on the console, I like the Xbox-360 games better. When I was younger, I used to always play games like The Simspsons Hit And Run or Jak And Daxtar, stuff like that but I feel it's the time that I need to let Playstation go and give the Xbox a go. I have played the Xbox-360 one time at my friends house. You can make your own avavtar which is fun to fiddle around with also you can change your background (which you can do on PS3). I love the xbox-360 controller, It just fits in your hand correctly and the joy-stick is more easy to move around. The Xbox 360 controller has a nice grip to it while the playstation 3 conroller is stiff, Sony stuck with there old PS2 controller (although, it is wirless not lile the ps2).

I dont know If Playstation will improve with there games or stick with the ones they have now. The ps3 is more like a family console. I like the games on xbox such as "GTA BOGT, Halo 3, Just Cause 2, Gears Of War" and more.

While the ps3 has games like "Ipet, Lego Batman, Pure, Bioshock". Half of my friends are getting a PS3 and the other half are getting "PS3". I want to buy both console's but it would really be a waste of money since that in another 4 years time they will proably be another console out. This is what I think will happen next year...



The Playstation 3 has dropped prices down to $420 from $500. More games have been sold over from Microssoft and the PS3 has grwon a bigger reputation. More XBOX-360 game's have now came to ps3 like "GTA BOGT". There are more people online since it's free with more games which were on XBOX 360 last year in 2009.


Microsoft are continuing making new games but are now in a fight with Sony over Online gamming. Microsoft dont want to put there xbox 360 free but they have no choice if they want to stay in the console wars. Microsoft regret to have sold there games over to sony. Microsoft are lossing gamers which are eager to play online....

I heard that every time someone buys a PS3, Sony losses $40. They are selling out games so that people will buy them and give them the money instead of the people buying the ps3 and Sony lossing the money. Next year Sony expect the Playstation Fan-boys to have there ps3 so that Sony will begin to create games, new games and better then Xbox. Im not sure what will happen to Xbox 360. I heard that Microsoft are planning to create a new console called "Xbox-720" (as microsoft like to call it) which will kncok out Sony and Playstation for good.

What should I do,

ad what do you think will happen in a years time???

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    When it comes down to it, I would look at these two things.

    1) quality of exclusives

    2) performance

    the quality of the exclusive titles was dominated by the 360 due to the 1 year headstart it had. Now the ps3 is almost (if not already) passed the 360. Great exclusives have been released such as uncharted 1+2, the mlb series, infamous, resistance series, Metal gear solid 4, and still to come god of war III. The xbox no doubt has some great titles including a couple of the best Gears of War and Halo, but in this category, i believe the Ps3 wins

    Now to performance. Your xbox will have about a 50/50 chance of recieving rrod or some major glitch over a 3 year period. the ps3 however, will, over a 3 year period, have a 1/40 chance of breaking down. But thats not all there is in performance. in terms of graphics, their basically the same thing. you can compare a game on both systems and not really find much difference. The Ps3 does have more potential having all its games on a 50 gb blu ray disc unlike the 360's 8 gbs.

    To the online section of performance. the winner is xbox as the ps3 has not fully developed. the xbox has had a long successful streak since it started on the original xbox so long ago. Another great 360 feature is the customization with your music, which can store such a large library of songs and can be played at any time while playing a game.

    Overall, my winner is the Ps3, since now it is getting to its full potential and is releasing some great games.

    Source(s): gameinformer. i own both
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    Honestly it dont matter, to tell you the truth i bet sony its gonna be losing this console war soon. Man i really hope so. Anyway your better off with the 360, you can gamble with the ps3 but thats up to you. The thing that really amazes me is how you've gone 4 ( 5 for 360 ) years without buying one yet! Anyway well what i dont get is the ps2 was actually a console to fight with, now who knows why they chose the path that they did, but they have the " superior " system. They claim it's the best, but there out sold by double of there sales to microsoft and Wii.... ok what cracks me up is the Wii sell the most, and other than the motion control aint nearly as advanced as the others, the 360 had what 2 years of RRoD problem, and EVEN then they still out sell sony.

    Well honestly your lil entry made almost no sense to me... its like you havent been paying attention whats going on the past 5 years. Ether way i'd suggest just gettin a 360 and not worrying about it. But its a matter of personal choice

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    I prefer the PS3 more but own more games on 360. Both go hand in hand with each other. Uncharted 2 won the VGA Game of the year which is a PS3 exclusive, God of War 3, Hard Rain, M.A.G etc good exclusives will come in a few months 360 have the new Splinter Cell, Alan wake, and another Halo to look forward to thats almost it, Games PS3 looks more promising. I don't get what you mean PS3 is more family friendly thats very far from the truth but the $299 price tag is mighty fine for this beast of a machine.

    The dual shock six axis controller only thing similar is the design.

    Lego Batman, Pure, Bioshock are on 360 too so dont know what you mean so is viva pinata does that make it family friendly too?

    Just Cause 2 will be on PS3 too

    List of a few PS3 exclusive

    - Killzone 2

    - God Of War 3

    - Heavy Rain

    - Uncharted 2 Among Thieves

    - Gran Turismo 5

    - M.A.G.

    - FF13 Versus

    - Infamous

    - Twisted Metal

    - Kingdom Hearts III(said to be a ps3 exclusive, still un sure)

    - Under Siege

    - Flower

    - NBA 10

    - MLB 09 THE SHOW

    - Ratchet And Clank Future 2

    - Demon Souls

    - White Knight Chronicles

    - Wardevil

    - Shadow Of The Colossus

    - Yakuza 3

    - X-Edge

    - Noby Noby Boy

    - Ragdoll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic

    - Fat Princess

    - Savage Moon

    - LA Norie

    -The last Guardian

    Still family friendly lol

    Source(s): Own both
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  • 1 decade ago

    Xbox 360 is better. I have both and PS3 sucks. Also people who complain about xboxes breaking are complete retards and sony fan boys.

    P.S. your next year scenario will be reversed. Sony is loosing most of its game right to microsoft in actuality.

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    1 decade ago

    xbox 360 has many more games, a easier to use online guide, you can chat with up to 8 friends at a time playing different games, $5 a month for the 1 year online package.

    playstation has some good games, kinda cool 6axis control and free online (not as good online)

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    1 decade ago

    XBox 360

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  • 1 decade ago


    I've had a 360 reg and 360 elite both rrod(red ring of death), have a friend who has had to gone through 7 of them

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    PS3 Issues: Not as many people own it. 23 Million people have PS3s 27 million people have Xbox. Not a huge difference. People don't talk as much when they play online. Not a big deal either but it's out there. Xbox issues: Red Ring of Death- When the Xbox over heats it lights up all red and breaks down. 33% of all Xboxes get this a year. E74- A common error for Xboxes that makes them break, unlike the Red Ring this is not covered by the warranty. 33% Failure rate. You have to pay 50$ a year to play online. It's a scam it's cheaper than PS3 because it does not have built in Wi-fi you have to pay 100 extra $ to use it. PS3 is better.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Xbox360-talk with friends. good games. then other addon games on to the game. online .

    ps3-sweet picture...........that is about it really only ......kinda the same

    hoped i helped


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  • 1 decade ago

    PS3 Fo Sho.

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