Can anyone recommend an epic non MMORPG game?

Specifically for PC, and preferably that it does not eat my HDD.

Recently I've been playing HL,HL2, DOOM3, Burnout Paradise, The path and I want something epic as in Fable but everything I se is MMORPG, any advice?


Well, all the answers seem to be good answers. I'm looking specifically non massive multiplayer, perhaps I can find a good option and I can try it.

The Half Life games I've played I got them from the Orange Box with Portal and Team Fortress, so I know they rock.

I guess I'll get my hands into Elder Scrolls IV and Gears of War (yup make fun of it I haven't played it) and i recently started playing The Longest Journey too (excellent storytelling), and my eyes have been flicking into Crysis recently/

Oh and I did clean my HDD so anything goes! (as far as it doesn't eat 50 gb)

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    The most epic of the games require a good bit of performance from your PC. Crysis is not an MMO but is truly epic. Borderlands is not half bad for the PC and has great DLC. But if you are looking for truly epic look to get Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion. It is beautifully made and expansive. Has the feel of an MMO as far as environment and quests and has amazing replay value.

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    Check out for an enormous list of these free mmo games. Notice I didn't say MMORPG. They have a lot of MMOFPS / Racing games on there too. I use that site to find new games to play. Every week I try a new game =) - It's a lot of fun. They have like every single game categorized nicely with reviews, screenshots, videos and more. Heck they even list the game's system requirements =p.

    They list all the big non-download games too.

    Let me know if this was helpful.

    Cheers!!!! =)

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    ^^Its a cool game ( Naruto) where you can create your own character and join a village, do missions, spar with friends, start your own village eventually, learn jutsu, gain a bloodline, like sharingan (redeye), byakugan (whiteye), or legacy which relates naruto's powers. You can also go into war with other villages and later if you make your own village you can buy upgrades for your village and help it grow. Its a fun cooperative game Its also safe and you don't have to give your email address if you don't want to.(Its also free and no downloading (COME TO Undying VILLAGE)(there's also a walkthrough sort of thing if u get stuck it's

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    I would suggest Oblivion Or Fallout 3 but they do take a bit of HDD space, If you are willing to pay theirs always age of conan, world of warcraft.

    Or you can try Dragon Age Origins.

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    Wow i can't believe you haven't been playing Fallout 3, that game is AMAZING. Also, there are so many expansions for that game, they work hard on it.

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    Gunz: The Duel. download it at / also i wanna be the guy

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