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Before Obama, who was the last non-Jew who told Jews where they could live? How did that work out?

How is it any of Obama's business where Israeli Jews build their homes? What do you suppose would be his reaction if Israeli PM Netanyahu tried to pressure him into allowing African-Americans to only build their homes in certain places?


marie: I'm sorry you're too obtuse to understand the question. Maybe next time I'll use very short words and include pictures so you can follow along.

Update 2:

joan: That's patently untrue. Please cite so much as one case of Israeli settlers pushing Arabs off their land in order to build a settlement. In most cases, the land was purchased from its former Arab owners.

Update 3:

canadian: FYI, there have been no Israelis in Gaza since 2005.

Update 4:

peace: Extremely well said, my friend.

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    You forget, there are unique rules for Israel.

    Unlike every other country in history, when Israel is attacked and repels the invader, it is required to "give back" its captured territory to a third party who never historically held it - note well - NO ONE expects Israel to return the land to the aggressors from whom they captured it.

    Simply considering this war-gained land as its own as has every other defending country in like circumstances in all of known time, is known as "occupation" when Israel does it - and ONLY when Israel does it.

    Another rule that confuses those not paying attention involves Israel's use of sophisticated counter-battery fire. This technology automatically directs artillery rounds (within the physical accuracy of artillery) to the launch site of an attacker's incoming rounds. Thus, when Hamas launches from the roof of a hospital and the counter-fire damages the hospital, Israel is said to be "targeting" humanitarian sites although their fire is LITERALLY aimed by Hamas through their choice of launch-sites. ONLY Israeli counter-batteries are said to be deliberately aimed by political choice of their owner. ALL other such equipment in the World is recognized as simply returning fire upon the aggressor to a site chosen BY that aggressor. This is said to be the case (except for Israel) on the simple grounds that this is how the equipment actually works.

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    It is America's job to take charge of the overall negotiations leading to a final resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The U.S. gives financial and military aid and has the right make some demands on them as a beginning for his administration to get involved in the negotiations and Obama chose the matter of new settlements on what is meant to be a future Palestinian state. There may be other ways of pressuring Israel to find a solution.

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    When Israel invaded and occupied the territories, including Gaza, it then became an international human rights issue, no matter what country is involved, and it becomes a criminal act under international law, even if Jews commit it. I know some Jews like to think they are a privileged race, but this is simply not the case. You cannot get away with war crimes, sorry.

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    Do you know what their doing to build their homes? They're tearing down the homes of Innocent Palestinians who have lived on that land for centuries to build their homes. Then they're putting the Palestinians behind a huge wall like in Berlin to keep them away. No wonder so many of them are angry at the state of Israel, Israel treats them like sh*t.

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    If Israel was donating billions of dollars to America every year maybe they could have a say. Since we are the ones providing them, I say we get to tell them how to behave.

    They don't like it? Then they can stop being beggars and go find another babysitter.

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    God ejected Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden after they disobeyed His law.

    Jews have been getting thrown out of one place after another one ever since then.

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    It was that german with the funny little moustache I think.

  • I think it was the honorable Reverend Jackson who said they could live in Himeytown

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    The white devils already makin us live in ghettos so they can keep a brutha down, know what i'm sayin?

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