Questions for West Point?????

I am very interested in attending West Point, however there are a few subjects that I am skeptical about.

For instance, would it be possible for me to work on two majors while attending? Do they have any electives that have nothing to do with the military, or is it strictly military related options?

Where should I go to get more information on this? More importantly, how do I get ahold of a recruiter?

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  • Tom
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    1 decade ago
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    All of these questions can be answered by downloading the West Point Catalog and looking on West Point's various websites.


    None of West Point's academic majors have anything to do with the military. There are courses in all kinds of subjects just as at any university. Look on Page of the catalog for a list of available majors. Recruiters don't deal with West Point Candidates. A candidate can contact the MALO(Military Academy Liaison Officer) for his area for help, but it is a good idea to have already explored available resources to become as informed as possible to make a good first impression on the MALO since he will be conducting the MALO interview that figures in the appointment decision. Ask your school counselor for the MALO for your area or look on the web. A candidate also needs a nomination from some source in order to be appointed. Most nominations are Congressional in nature, from a candidates Rep or one of his Senators. A good place to start is to read the FAQ. especially on Admissions:

    If you need a fuller explanation let me know.

    Good Luck!

  • ramdev
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    I had no problem looking this suggestions on the USMA at West element webvsite. For starters: the present enrollment is around 4,000 (the acceptable variety could be discovered on the "abode" website. the pupil/college ratio is approximately a million/14 to a million/18 (a million professor according to 14 to 18 pupils) The admissions standards is often discovered on the area Undergraduate costs are no longer acceptable, because of the fact the army will pay all classes/costs and so on. plus supplies each cadet an allowance of around $6,000. visit their internet site for the classes presented: West element graduates acquire a Bachelor of technological expertise degree upon polishing off their classes The athletics, club extracurricular events are between the superb presented interior the U. S. (see the cyber web website below) There are no longer any adjustments between in/out costs, as, as quickly as back, the army funds the finished 4 years. No pupils stay off campus.

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    I can not objectively answer your question as I have never attended or recruited for USMA, but you can visit this website and get all the answer to the questions listed above.

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