How to make downloads finish faster?

There is this free game demo that i'm downloading from [] and its been only 40% so far and its been going on for a long time.. its a game demo so its a pretty big size download. (250 MG) i think.. well its downloading at a rate of 15 kb/s - 20 kg/s and its not fast enough. i have a pretty decint connection. im a wireless lyncsis connection too.(i don't know how to spell it) i also have Window's Vista Home Premium and its been rebooted like 2 weeks ago so there is absolutely no clutter in my laptop

and any tips on how to make the download faster?

i already know to close other windows to speed up the connection.. but what else?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is very little you can do to speed up downloads. Download accelerators do exist however there's a good chance they they will do very little to speed up your downloading or corrupt whatever your downloading. Steam is usually a fast and reliable system, when i download games off of it i tend get my maximum internet speed.

    You can run a speed test (look them up on google) to find what your download speed is and if it's about as much as your getting now that's probably about as fast as your internet is going to go, if that's the case your only real way to get faster downloading is by switiching to a better internet connection. Try something like ADSL, typical download speed ranges from about 100kbs to about 250kbs.

    Also wireless internet tends to be slower than if you had a cable plugged in so try that way as well.

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    Download accelerators can help immensely. Try this one called Flashget, its free:

    Paste in the URL link for the file you are trying to download, it will start up multiple download threads for the same file, and put the pieces back together at your end. If there is any corruption Flashget will keep trying to download the damaged part until it is received without damage.

    This can speed up downloading by 500%. TRY IT.

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    5 years ago

    It takes nine seconds for YAnswers question to load for me to be able to click on [add your answer] box. is my laptop slow??

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