is PTC( pay to click) websites a scam?

I have recently signed up to a PTC website that pays $10 on each ad you click and I have earned $10000 so far, but they say you have to wait 60 business days to get you money in your bank account. The website address is:

I am not sure if this website is a scam or not.Anybody knows if this website is a scm or not?

Thank you

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    Definitely it appears as a scam site. No trusted and best PTC site gives $10/click. They are charging 5$ per 1000 clicks for the advertisement then how is it possible to give $10/click. Read the FAQ and TOS sections carefully before joining a site.

    They have no forum. If a site do not have any forum it is better to avoid those sites. I think you won’t get your money back.

    Trusted and genuine ptc sites pay under 1cent/click for the standard member and an upgraded member can earn up to 2cents/click.

    Not all PTC sites are scam. Join the trusted and best ptc sites like Neobux and Palmbux etc

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