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Brian asked in Entertainment & MusicCelebrities · 1 decade ago

Cheryl Cole-Katie Price ( OVERRATED?????????????????????????????

All u seem to hear these days is Cheryl cole this cheryl cole not understating

her acheivment of going from a council estate in the north east of England to being seven years

in a successful girlgroup,she has done well and got the money and fame and the chance to do what

she loves(good for her)BUT!!! ive heared her being classed as an A-LIST celebrity and since her stint

at judging contestants on X-Factor she seems to have been elevated to this goddness like figure even though shes only made one solo song which was Ok but not outstanding,now shes on a tv show tonight dedecated to her like she was Madonna or somthing whos had decades of success and for a reason.Cheryl cole is pretty but again people seem to think shes the best looking woman alive-so A LISTER BEST LOOKING COME ON????Does any one agree or disagree with me that

Cheryl Cole is No Beyonce_Madonna_or even a Britney Spears____What do u guys think??????

Fame seems to have become a bit of a joke ofcourse then theres the real Z-LISTERS KATE PRICE (JORDAN)an ex glamour model whos made some cash good luck to her but she is she has 0-tallent and without all the slap isent even that atractive her legs are like twigs Again give me ur views thanks people....

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    I can't stand Katie Price an inch so that's all I'll say on her, and I believe Cheryl Cole is where she is currently (with her solo career) mainly because of X Factor fame, BUT, she was chosen to be in Girls Aloud so she obviously has a good singing voice, no, not the most powerful or varying singing voice, but when has she ever claimed to have any more talent than she really has? She's been really successful with them, seems to be honest, polite and down to earth and I think she's utilises what she has well, except for those L'Oréal adverts "It's got its mojo back" those are too cheesy, but other than that I have no qualms with her, oh and last negative, she did knock Alexandra Burke off the album and single charts so I was unhappy about that, since I figured Alex deserved the success more, but bygones..

  • 5 years ago

    Katie Price

  • 1 decade ago

    I think Cheryl Cole is very overrated, she has a weak singing voice, and to me she doesn't seem to be a nice girl. I don't find her as attractive as everybody makes out too.

    I can't stand Katie price, although I do find her to be a quite strong minded girl.

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    1 decade ago

    Cheryl - a bit


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