Which Current Heel Wrestler Do You Think Has "Future Main Event Potential", Drew Mcintyre Or Sheamus?

When I say "Future Main Event Potential", I mean Wrestling talent, Mic Skills, Charisma, gimmicks, etc. So from these two superstars, which one do you think has the better chance or "skill" to Headline WWE in a few years? Why? Thanks!

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    I am going to say Drew McIntyre, I think he is more diverse than Sheamus. Once Sheamus' Gimmick gets bland, thats all there is for him. He can't really be repackaged, I think that Drew can be. Sheamus' Gimmick can't be a face, I think Drew could use his current gimmick and still be a face. Sheamus is just too one dimensional...

  • Who do I think has more main event potential? Seamus. Who do I think will end up in the main event first? Drew McIntyre.

    I've heard that McIntyre has major backers in Triple H and Shawn Michaels. That isn't a bad thing, but it just means that if any of the mid-carders are going to receive a big push, he's probably right near the front of the line.

    That being said, I think that Seamus is the vastly superior talent. I know that he's been taking a ton of heat since becoming the number one contender for "not being ready" (whatever that means) but personally, I think he's the complete package. He's shown tremendous talent in the ring, he's decent, if not great, when talking on the mic (and there are plenty of guys who have made it into the main event, like Jeff Hardy, who had less than stellar mic skills), he's got a unique "look" and most importantly, he's made the fans, both mainstream and hardcore, absolutely despise him. He gets more natural heat from the crowds now than Batista does, and Batista, who has been around for years, had a much more dastardly heel turn than Seamus.

    While I do think that Seamus has a strange and unconventional look about him, so far I've seen nothing to suggest that he isn't a prime time talent. I would say that his current push has been a little rushed, but that's only becuase of WWE's heavily compressed pay-per-view schedule that doesn't always allow sufficent time to properly build up new feuds.

    As for McIntrye, he hasn't really impressed me all that much. He certainly isn't bad in the ring, and he's good on the mic, but to me he hasn't done anything of substance to stand out. Hopefully working with John Morrison (who I think is one of the best workers WWE has) will bring out what Triple H and HBK see in him.

    In the long run though, I'm sticking with Seamus.

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    Drew McIntyre

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    1 decade ago

    Drew McIntyre

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  • 1 decade ago

    Drew Macintyre **** Sheamus Drew is already building up on his mic skills his gimmick as some kind of scottland fighter is working out for him. He has a lot of charisma whenever he walks down on the ramp. Finally Sheamus is going to lose to Cena and Drew is going to become the new Intercontinental champion at TLC.

    Source(s): Captain Charisma just spoken=]
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    Well, both are backed up by DX and to be backed up by DX you know you must have "it", so i say both of them.

    They are both great heels, Drew is a great wrestler in his own right and Sheamus well hes a beast when he wants to be, i like the bad ars gimmick hes got right now, i definately could see both headlining a pay per view within the next year, if WWE does the right thing, which is to continue to push their younger talent.

  • Drew McIntyre

  • 1 decade ago

    drew McIntyre is way better than sheamus better mic skills better wrestler to me sheamus is just a pale Batista only reason either one of them is doing good is because DX likes them which is a dumb reason to push some one i agree with rko

  • 1 decade ago

    I think it will be Sheamus. He is far more aggressive and brutal. He has made a bigger impact then Drew McIntyre and has gone up the ladder much quicker.

  • 1 decade ago

    It is Drew McIntyre all the way.

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