Department of motor vehicle questions for Arkansas?

We are moving to Arkansas and are trying to find how much it costs to register our vehicles there. Also, how much does it cost to renew your plates every year and how much to renew your driver's license. We cannot find anything online. I guess down in Arkansas it's called a "revenue office" instead of DMV or something.


Thanks, sensible.....sure beats the heck out of fees up here in politically corrupt Illinois.

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    Your right on that point...they are called Arkansas Revenue Office....They are everywhere and can be located on on .......It's 25.00 for your car or truck....and plates are about 17.00....and if you want special your name or initials.......of numbers.....Or wild's 35.00 every year.....If you are a Vet....they are about 3.00 every year.....

    You can also go check out .....Arkansas dmv department of motor vehicles ....and, this will take you to Arkansas web site.......

    Source(s): Arkansas Revence Office
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    It is called the Revenue Office because you are required to pay your property taxes before getting your registration or renewal. Plates are $26 for cars and light trucks. drivers license is $20. Where I live, the DMV and Revenue Office are both located in the courthouse.

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