Fun board games to make?

okay so im babysitting a 8 year old boy tonight and i told him next time (that would be 2nite) that i would bring something fun to do so i wanna make a board game with him so my moms gonna bring me 2 the dollar store l8er so i can get some foam board and cut it smaller 4 a game board. then i also gonna bring some markers and stuff 2 make it. so what are some funny game to make and rules of the game that are really funny?? im totally open to ANYTHING!!! thx :)

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    1 decade ago
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    That's so nice! What I would do is:

    Step One: Go to your bookshelf/DVD shelf.

    Step Two:Close Your Eyes.

    Step Three: Pick A Random Book/DVD.

    Step Four: Base Your Game On That.

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