How can I make sure I will arrive at Frankfurt am Main airport with the train?

and not the Frankfurt-Hahn airport? I was already in Germany before with a train but I want to be sure this time cause I'm flying. what is the german word for airport?

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    1 decade ago
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    Frankfurt Hahn airport which is not to be confused with Frankfurt airport has NO TRAIN CONNECTION

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    1 decade ago

    Frankfurt hahn airport there is NO train only a bus shuttle service.

    The German word is for Airport Flughafen

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    don't worry, there's no way of confusing between them coz hahn doesnt have a train station and airport is called flughafen. but make sure u take a train that is scheduled to arrive to the airport long time before ur actual departure because the railway station does have some delays in winter

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    The German word for "airport" is "Flughafen" (say: 'flook-'huff-ayn), which is just almost a literal translation of "airport": "Flug" means "to fly", like: in the air, and "Hafen" means port. So if you ask for the "Flughafen", I'm sure you'll get there safely. (And up in the air and back again.)

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    Frankfurt Airport DOES have a train from the airport to the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof. Just look at any map at the Hauptbahnhof. You basically take one train and its about 6-8 stops I believe from the Train station to the airport.

    Airport = Flueghafen

    Train = Bahn

    Train Station = Hauptbahnhof

    help me = hilfe mich, bitte!!!!!!!


    good luck! Remember to look at the train map!

    Source(s): Been there, done that last summer.
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    1 decade ago

    airport = Flughafen

    check the web for the train connections:

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