What is a dial up access number?

What are dial up access numbers?

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    a dial up access number is a number that a computer would dial into to gain access to a distant computer system (normally a dial up internet service provider but could be any other distance computer/computer system connected to a phone line)

    dial up's popularity has faded, since DSL and cable modem service (and other high speed internet services) have gained popularity, and provide an always on connection for less than a dedicated telephone line, and dial up ISP service, as well as providing much faster internet speeds...

    dial up connections are still used by ATM machines, and various other private networks (remote monitoring of building equiptment, alarm systems) and there are still many people who use dial up connections to connect to the internet, either because high speed internet is not available in there remote locations, to supplement access to the internet while away from high speed access, or because they are casual internet users who do not feel the need to have high speed internet...

    there are many free dial up providers this is just one example.. http://www.dialupforfree.com/

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    The dial up number is one which is used when internet is connected. It is very useful.

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