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I don't understand why many republicans fly the confederate flag (See additional details)?

First of all, I support your right to do it, it is why you exercise this particular right that is a loss to me.

1. I'm not one to fly around the race card, nor am I saying that all people who display the confederate flag are racist. But the Confederate States of America were pro slavery. Most people say they show the Confederate flag as a symbol of states rights, but how many local, state and national organizations are based on States rights without ties to slavery?

2. The CSOA were treasonists. First of all, they had no right to Secede because it was unconstitutional. Argue what you wan't but the supreme court ruled on that and it is exactly why no nation ever recognized them as sovereign. Secondly they were the primary agressors in the Civil War. Lincolon asked them to come back to the table and begin negotiations of railroads and tarrifs, and even promised not to interfere with slavery where it exists despite his own views against slavery. The south flat out refused and then proceeded to attack Fort Sumpter unprovoked. If someone attacked an American Fort today they would be called domestic terrorists and charged as such if taken alive.


The only flag I fly is the Star Spangled Banner. I'm Pro-America, not pro 19th century confederacy

Update 2:

Erick: And the Yankees abolished slavery while one of the things the South was fighting for was to keep it.

Update 3:

Curt: You nailed it with "1960s or earlier" when the South voted 90 % democratic. The parties have done a complete 180 since then. Lincoln and the republicans were pro Union, anti-slavery and the Democrats were pro states rights, direct opposite of today.


It is why Strom Thurmond left the democratic party to form the Dixiecrats and later became a republican. Many others followed.

Update 4:

I am a lifelong Virginian born and raised ten miles away from Richmond, the Capital of the Confederacy.

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    I don't understand how you can possibly believe that ONLY Republicans fly the Confederate flag, especially since it was the Democrats that were so against Civil Rights and minorities having the vote.

    If you don't believe my assertions, check the Congressional records for any time period from the 1960's and earlier. Republicans were the ones that got those particular things passed.

    Source(s): Just my opinion and Historical facts
  • Anonymous
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    I would wonder why ANY Republicans fly the confederate flag, since the Union was, literally, Republican (Lincoln being a republican president, and Republicans being the ones trying to abolish slavery) while the South was Democrat (With the Democrats defending slavery under Constitutional property rights up to and during the Civil war).

    On a sidenote, someone DID just attack an American fort today, and was not called a domestic terrorist (at least by the mainstream media), even though he was taken alive). This happened just last month in Ft. Worth, Texas. You'd really better already know about this or I don't even know what to do with you.

  • Anonymous
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    Well, to begin with I would like to put my support behind the general opinion that you must have been raised in a Northern state. Provided only the information you listed, it's no surprise that you feel the way you do. So I feel it would probably help you to understand if i provided a bit more.

    1. It is good that you don't try "the race card", because race had absolutely nothing to do with it. The North was not fighting to free the slaves. They were fighting to keep slaves out of the newer states. Slaves were indicative of Southern influence on political issues. Issues such as the tariff that was providing most of the Northern income. It was also becoming a huge drain on the Southern economy. The Southern economy was dependent upon the ability to trade with the outside world at reasonable prices. This meant they weren't buying from the Northerners. So they got control of the government and instated the tariff. so when slave owners started to move west it meant they were getting more states, and so more votes in the house of representatives, and they could get rid of the tariff. so they did their best to outlaw slavery to keep control of the government. although slavery wasn't even the first idea they had to keep it. they were could just have easily used alcohol.

    2. the confederacy was, in fact, the most patriotic thing they could have done. the things that were happening to them were extremely comparable to what mother england had been doing to the american colonies. so, following in the footsteps of the founding fathers, they took the necessary steps steps to break away from a government that wasn't representing them at all, and was taking so much of its money with taxes. the inspiring image that was used in the american revolution was the flag we fly today at every post office and school. the one for the civil war was the confederate flag. so for the people who are descended of those people who were such shining examples of true american spirit. just the way anyone with a proud heritage is. and the reason you don't know that is that the american educational system was designed by northerners. as a way to train soldiers and industrial workers into following orders quickly, efficiently, and unquestioningly. but it's gotten worse since then. if you'd like to learn more about this it's in a book called 'the coming if the civil war'. i know this because it was assigned reading for my Honors US History class. it was also very well captured in Jefferson Davis's inaugural speech:

    and for whoever said that the secession was unconstitutional, that speech refers directly to the declaration of independence and the constitution, and directly quotes the preamble.

  • ICH8TE
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    They are the biggest hypocrites in the world, and yes that flag does still carry many racist memories to many. These same flag wavers would be extremely Peed off at let's say, an American born person of Mexican descent if they were waving a Mexican flag outside of their home. Yet they can freely wave their racist linked flag whenever they want to.There are many ancient backwards thoughts in the south that will never ever die. And that's the sad part. In order for a country to truly "heal", it has to first admit that it has a problem.

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  • 3 years ago

    The Union Jack Conferate flag stands for the identity of the South and not plenty for slavery. NASCAR is extremely uncomplicated in the South and MidWest the place burning rubber and gas is seen patriotic. it fairly is organic to confirm "rednecks" (farmers) in those States, and definite, a number of them are proud of their Southern techniques. i'm specific some nonetheless improve the Jack long for the previous slavery techniques, yet maximum who fly the flag do so because of the fact they are pleased with NASCAR being a Souther game.

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    Just because the Confederacy used that flag, you equate it with the Confederacy.

    Do you think the same thing about England, which also flies a Union Jack?

  • Bethy
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    1. No opinion really, it might just be a historical thing nothing to do with race. Its like your stealing someones heritage just because someone else says its bad

    2. President Jefferson Davis sent peace commissioners to Washington to negotiate a treaty with the Lincoln administration. Lincoln refused to meet with them; and he refused to permit Secretary of State Seward to meet with them.

    Fort Sumter was on foreign soil and Lincoln did send resupply and troops to it

    The US constitution had nothing against succession

    Lincoln is quoted as saying:

    You and I both anticipated that the cause of the country would be advanced by making the attempt to provision Fort Sumter, even if it should fail; and it is no small consolation now to feel that our anticipation is justified by the result.

    So your 2 is basically incorrect or biased because you went to a northern school

  • Anonymous
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    Most people fly the Confederate Flag because of either Southern heritage or because they are sick of the federal government butting into places where they do not belong.

  • Anonymous
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    Did you know the the North had slaves too? I guess the Union flag would be considered racist as well then.

  • Anonymous
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    I grew up in a north 'Liberal' state, and currently live in the most Liberal state CA. The Conferderate flag doesn't show 'pro' slavery. It shows values and the way they want their lives to be..............ask black people in small towns in the south what it really means. They'll tell you.

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