Taylor Swift(泰勒絲) 出的歌

Taylor Swift(泰勒絲) 出的歌從以前到現在共出了幾首歌?


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    泰勒絲(Taylor Swift)從以前到現在出的所有歌名。



    Taylor Swift (International Version)

    1.Tim McGraw 提姆麥格羅

    2.Picture To Burn 燒掉的回憶

    3.Teardrops On My Guitar 淚灑吉他

    4.A Place In This World 一席之地

    5.Cold As You 冷漠如你

    6.The Outside 外面

    7.Tied Together With A Smile 用一個微笑做自己

    8.Stay Beautiful 永遠俊美

    9.Should've Said No 早該拒絕

    10.Mary’s Song (Oh My My My) 瑪麗之歌 (我的老天)

    11.Our Song 我們的歌

    12.I'm Only Me When I'm With You 在你身邊時 我只是我

    13.Invisible 隱形

    14.Perfectly Good Heart 完美心腸

    15.Teardrops On My Guitar (Pop Version) 淚灑吉他 (流行混音版)


    Fearless (Alternative Version)

    1.Fearless 無懼的愛

    2.Fifteen 十五歲

    3.Love Story 愛的故事

    4.Hey Stephen 給史蒂芬

    5.White Horse 白馬王子

    6.You Belong With Me 天生一對

    7.Breathe (Featuring Colbie Caillat) 呼吸 (與蔻比凱蕾合唱)

    8.Tell Me Why 告訴我 為什麼

    9.You’re Not Sorry 道歉於事無補

    10.The Way I Loved You 愛你的方式

    11.Forever & Always 直到永遠

    12.The Best Day 完美的一天

    13.Change 改變

    14.Our Song 我們的歌

    15.Teardrops On My Guitar 淚灑吉他

    16.Should’ve Said No 早該拒絕

    17.Beautiful Eyes -bonus track for Japan- 美麗雙眼

    18.Picture To Burn -bonus track for Japan- 燒掉的回憶

    19.I'm Only Me When I'm With You -bonus track for Japan- 在你身邊時 我只是我

    20.I Heart? -bonus track for Japan- 我的心?



    Fearless (Platinum Edition)

    1.Jump Then Fall -New Song- 墜入情網

    2.Untouchable -New Song- 遙不可及

    3.Forever & Always (Piano Version) -New Song- 直到永遠 (鋼琴版)

    4.Come In With The Rain -New Song- 風雨見真情

    5.Superstar -New Song- 大明星

    6.The Other Side of the Door -New Song- 愛就在門外

    7.Fearless 無懼的愛

    8.Fifteen 十五歲

    9.Love Story 愛的故事

    10.Hey Stephen 給史蒂芬

    11.White Horse 白馬王子

    12.You Belong With Me 天生一對

    13.Breathe (Featuring Colbie Caillat) 呼吸 (與蔻比凱蕾合唱)

    14.Tell Me Why 告訴我 為什麼

    15.You’re Not Sorry 道歉於事無補

    16.The Way I Loved You 愛你的方式

    17.Forever & Always 直到永遠

    18.The Best Day 完美的一天

    19.Change 改變

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    Fearless(無懼的愛) 白金盤 / Taylor Swift (泰勒絲)


    發行日期 2009-11

    1. Jump Then Fall (墜入情網)

    2. Untouchable (遙不可及)

    3. Forever & Always (直到永遠(鋼琴版)

    4. Come In With The Rain (風雨見真情)

    5. SuperStar (大明星)

    6. The Other Side Of The Door (愛就在門外)

    7. Fearless (無懼的愛)

    8. Fifteen (十五歲)

    9. Love Story (愛的故事)

    10. Hey Stephen (給史蒂芬)

    11. White Horse (白馬王子)

    12. You Belong With Me (天生一對)

    13. Breathe (呼吸)

    14. Tell Me Why (告訴我,為什麼)

    15. You re Not Sorry (道歉於事無補)

    16. The Way I Loved You (愛你的方式)

    17. Forever & Always (直到永遠)

    18. The Best Day (完美的一天)

    19. Change (改變)

    Fearless(無懼的愛) / Taylor Swift (泰勒絲)


    發行日期 2009-03

    1. Fearless

    2. Fifteen

    3. Love Story

    4. Hey Stephen

    5. White Horse

    6. You Belong With Me

    7. Breathe

    8. Tell Me Why

    9. You re Not Sorry

    10. The Way I Loved You

    11. Forever & Always

    12. The Best Day

    13. Change

    14. Our Song

    15. Teardrops On My Guitar

    16. Should ve Said No

    Taylor Swift(同名專輯) / Taylor Swift (泰勒絲)


    發行日期 2008-11

    1. Tim McGraw

    2. Picture To Burn

    3. Teardrops On My Guitar

    4. A Place In This World

    5. Cold As You

    6. The Outside

    7. Tied Together With A Smile

    8. Stay Beautiful

    9. Should ve Said No

    10. Mary s Song (Oh My My My)

    11. Our Song

    12. I m Only Me When I m With You

    13. Invisible

    14. A Perfectly Good Heart

    15. Teardrops On My Guitar (POP version)


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