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Ryssa asked in PetsReptiles · 1 decade ago

tortoises: uva lights and uvb lights?

i just bought a tortoise. Its currently living in a tortoise table outside of my house. do i still need to buy uva lights and uvb lights even though its outside?


by the way its a russian tortoise and its in the shade

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No. but I would concider a heating light of some sort depending on where you are. they dont tolerate cold very well.

    Sun light should provide what they need, and you can be certain of it by dusting their food with a vit D3 powder. ( be sure its D3, not D2,, D2 can become toxic swiftly)

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  • 4 years ago

    nope! no longer one bit. now my grumpy a$$ waits for somebody to argue!(lol) as far as info. ive have/had many eggs, many snakes, many lizards, 17 years preserving and breeding in entire and characteristic basically used u.v. for an extremely few species of lizard. to grant you a concept of ways undesirable/incorrect care sheets many times are... ive stored and bred many bearded dragons, video demonstrate gadgets, uros, and collard lizards without UVB.ever ("many" meaning extra then a pair or 2, and often times extra then 2 era. while it come to colubrid snakes and leos, some extra generations then that lol!) . maximum folk and care sheets say its wont take place. they gets m.b.d. and die. my animals and their offspring say different sensible. "marco polo" pronounced: "for an prolonged time, snake keepers have been arguing approximately no remember if or no longer kingsnakes desire UV lights for his or her well being and well being. it fairly is particularly an elementary remember, nevertheless. as quickly as lower back, I element to nature for the respond. in the wild, California kingsnakes are uncovered to organic solar on a popular foundation. So why no longer reproduction this in captivity as much as achievable?" ........ nicely "marco" its no longer approximately nature and what works in the great endless outdoors. its approximately captivity and what works in a field. besides in the exterior they are additionally uncovered to many unfavorable issues, besides as many meaningless issues (like uv) to their well being. could we then additionally inclued a (simulated) hawk attack just to grant the snake the occasional "adrenaline rush" they might get in the existence outdoors(nature)? "chris b" ive never seen any behavioral changes or colour changes in any captives ive stored from others with differing lights. the only changes ive seen is my captives doing extra beneficial(hahahahaha). I even have continuously offered bigger warmth and humidity levels(micro habitats?) for my animals then maximum(all?j/ok) perhaps that would desire to describe me no longer seeing eye to eye with you in this. while there is a few style of deficiency (nutrition or psychological stimulation) in the keepers husbandry then perhaps uv lights could make up for it. yet with sufficient help, uv lights seems to be as usless as a knife in a gun combat.

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