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Who should i start at wide reciever. Roddy white, vincent jackson, miles austin, or roy williams?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Stay away from Roy if you have Roddy White and Miles Austin... Williams is just an overpaid waste...

    I would go with either Roddy White or Miles Austin, depending on the matchup and how well you think the QB will play.

    You might want to stick with Roddy White because I think Romo sucks under pressure.

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    4 years ago

    Calvin Johnson for sure has the news to become the variety 2 receiver with Mike Furrey going to the slot place. Kitna would have an over abundance of wealth to handle and would have a occupation year. Martz won't positioned up with underacheiving receivers who won't be able to seize the ball while it hits them interior the palms so Marcus Robinson will fade into the sundown and get burried interior the intensity chart in basic terms like Mike Williams did final year. Shaun McDonald became into delivered in for his journey interior the Martz device and could see constrained enjoying time in the beginning up except the others past to him warfare. i will foresee a great replace from the Lions of ultimate year and their checklist will definately teach it. the full line has been upgraded over that of ultimate year which could shop Kitna off his lower back greater generally. They lost many of their video games final year by a distinctive margin and this year would have much less issues scoring factors. The NFC North could pay attention for this dark horse as they have made some very considerable differences. Their purely concerns could be a particularly shaky secondary.

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