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Want To Pass The Cisco CCNA Exam?

Need to know the best way to study and pass the Cisco CCNA Exam. Can anybody help? My choices are doing self study or taking classes, what do you think?

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    There are indeed many ways to prepare for the Cisco CCNA exam. For the true techie, I think doing self study is the way to go.

    What you will need: study guides, books, training videos, and practice tests.

    For books, the Cisco Press books is a definite must since they are the official study guides. The CCNA Exam Prep and Cram books are good too. The more you read, the stronger your foundation in the exam topics will be. You can find Cisco Press books at the site below ...

    For training videos, there are several on the market, but I found the ones at the site below were very helpful and actually helped me learn the topics and pass the ICND1 and ICND2 Cisco exams. You can check them out for yourself and see ...

    The good think about the videos at this site is they also came with Transcender practice exams which, of course, you will need as well.

    Transcender exams are the closest to what you will find on the actual exam. It's not 100%, but closer than others that I have tried, and is a definite MUST to get your brain into test mode.

    You can learn more about Transcender exams at the site below ....

    If you cannot do self study, you can always take Cisco classes at your nearest community college, but I would still recommend the resources above to help you fully prepare for the Cisco CCNA exam.

    For more training tips and resources, check out this site ...

    Self study is the best way to go and it can certainly be done. I did it, and so can you.

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    I would not think so. There is going to be a lot of Cisco-specific command line stuff on the CCNA exam that would be difficult to nail without studying the Cisco stuff.

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    You must go for taking classes + self study then go for exam, read CCNA , CCNP related site to learn with lab.

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