The fifty united states state/city/towns.?

How did the fifty states as well as city/towns get their names ?

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    1.Washington -president

    2.Delaware -After Sir Thomas Wayne Delaware

    3.Georgia- George II. England

    4.Louisiana...after king Louis XIV

    5/6.Virginia and West Virginia in honor of Queen Elizabeth (the virgin queen)

    7/8.South Carolina and North Carolina- Charles I of England...not today's Charlie

    9.Pennsylvania- After Sir William Penn

    10.New York- In honor of the Duke of York

    11.Maine- After Charles I's wife Henrietta Maria who i think owned a province in France called Mayne

    12.Maryland- after Henrietta Maria again

    13.Kansas named after the Kansa Indian tribe, they lived near the major river way which became to be know as the Kansas river.

    14.Kentucky- After the Kentucky River but the origin of the rivers name has been debated, some say it comes from the language of the aboriginal people that occupied the area and meant either "land of tomorrow" or "cane and turkey land"

    15.California- From a myth. When explorers were traveling between Mexico and Baja ,California, they thought that California was an island. So they name it after California,the mythical island where the Amazonian warrior women lived.Their queen was Califa.

    16.Connecticut - from the Mohican/Algonquin Indian word "quonehtacut", which means "long tidal river."

    17.Rhode Island- Itlain navigator, Giovai Verrano (1542) thought that is resembled the greek island off Rhodes. Also named by dutch Rodt Eeylandt, red island, cause of the red soil. English pronunciation changed it to island.

    18. Mississippi- after due to the river. It was apparently an aboriginal word for "great water" or "father of waters."

    19. Wisonsin- After the Cheppewa word "Ouisconsin"thought to mean grassy place

    20.Utah- After a tribe of aboriginals that occupied the area, the Utes which means "people of the mountains."

    21.Ohio- After oh hee yo river

    22.Arizona- debated origin, some say from the Spanish arida zona meaning arid zone, after the Mexican town Arizonac or from the aztec word for silver bearing arizuma .

    23.Texas- from the Caddo Indian word "teysha" meaning "friends" The Spanish translated it to tejas and finally is became Texas in English.

    24.Florida- after the Spanish word Pascua Florida,the translation of which refers to Easter, named so because the explorer who originally landed (Ponce de Leon) there arrived during Easter.

    25.Iowa- roughly translates to beautiful land, and was named after the Iowa tride.

    26.Colorado- Dr. G. Milling suggested the name Idaho for this state. They wanted to entice people to move there as mining was a peaking industry. He said that the name was a native word meaning "a gem in the mountains" But just before they signed the papers it came out that the word Idaho had been made up by the good doctor. So they named it Colorado, which the Spanish called it originally cause of the red colored earth.

    27. Nevada- Originally named Sierra Nevada after it split from Utah. Shortened to Nevada, Sierra Nevada means snow clad.

    28. Tennessee- Named after Tansi, Cherokee word of villages.

    29. Oregon- So many theories, one is that it was named after oregano, because the Spanish brought it there and it grew so well.

    30. Minnesota- After Mnisota, the Dakota word for the Dakota River.

    31 / 32. North and south Dakota -After the Dakota Tribe.

    33.Alabama-Alabama was named after the Tribes that lived there, which were actually the Creek and Choctaw, they both used the word Alabama in their language, but somehow the settlers came to think the people were the Alabama people.

    34. Alaska- after "alyeska", the Aluet word meaning "great land"

    35. Hawaii- Debated origin possibly named after the biggest island in the group

    36. Idaho- when it came time to name Idaho, someone remembered the word and it's apparent meaning, but forgot about the hoax.

    37.DC- Again named after George Washington, District of Columbia was a poetic name for the USA at the time of it's naming.

    38.Illinois- French version of Illinwek meaning men or people are is shortened to illini

    39. Indiana- There were many people on the north bank of Kentucky at the time of it's settlement, the people called it the land of the Indians and it eventually became callled Indiana

    40.Massachusetts- great mountain or great hill is what the name probably means, although it's origins are debated, most agree that it was probably a word used by the tribes of natives who lived there

    41.Montana- From the Spanish Montana, meaning mountain country

    42. Michigan- from the Ojibwa word meaning "large lake."

    43.Missouri- "town of the large canoes" named after a tribe of Sioux Indians called the Misssouris

    44.Nebraska- from an Indian word for flat water, referring to the Platte river. Named by the French.

    45.New Hampshire- To make English settlers feel at home it was named after Hampshire in the south of England.

    46. New Jersey- same as above

    47. New Mexico- used to belong to Mexico

    48.Oklahoma- after the Chowtawtaw people, Okla means red and homma means people


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