What are the duty of a student towards his/her guru?

Gurus are normal human beings, and "to err is human". So could a guru be biased and misjudge a situation? Can a guru be mislead by, for example, vicious and cruel people who make themselves appear nice and very poised? In this case, what are the duties of the student? Can a student teach a guru? Or is the guru always capable of detecting the truth underneath hypocrisy of bad evil people who want to appear nice?


Sorry, everyone I meant: what the duties of a student. I guess, subconsciously I tried to reduce them to only ONE. LOL!

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    Before I come to the duties of a student towards his/her guru, I give you a brief untroduction about what this relation is like and why a Guru is considered above God.

    The guru-shishya tradition, lineage, or parampara, is a spiritual relationship in traditional Hinduism where teachings are transmitted from a guru (teacher, ) to a 'śiṣya' (disciple,) or chela. Such knowledge, whether it be vedic, agamic artistic, architectural, musical or spiritual, is imparted through the developing relationship between the guru and the disciple. It is considered that this relationship, based on the genuineness of the guru, and the respect, commitment, devotion and obedience of the student, is the best way for subtle or advanced knowledge to be conveyed. The student eventually masters the knowledge that the guru embodies.

    Now I come to your main question. I would like to see things from the Indian perspective. Though the teacher-student relationship is something different in other countries.

    Within the broad spectrum of the Hindu religion, the guru-shishya relationship can be found in numerous variant forms including Tantra. Some common elements in this relationship include:

    • The establishment of a teacher/student relationship.

    • A formal recognition of this relationship, generally in a structured initiation ceremony where the guru accepts the initiate as a shishya and also accepts responsibility for the spiritual well-being and progress of the new shishya.

    • Sometimes this initiation process will include the conveying of specific esoteric wisdom and/or meditation techniques.

    • Gurudakshina, where the shishya gives a gift to the guru as a token of gratitude, often the only monetary or otherwise fee that the student ever gives. Such tokens can be as simple as a piece of fruit or as serious as a thumb, as in the case of Ekalavya and his guru Dronacharya.

    A student can be more intelligent than a guru but one must not forget the basic things he learnt from his guru only, so whatever he be in life, his duty towards his guru will always be to respect him

    Yes. A student can teach his Guru after attaining a higher skill. Arjuna did fought against his guru in war and made him realise that he is a better bowman than anybody else.

    In modern times, this relation is turning a new twist. Today’s teacher not only try to take advantage of their female student but even marry them. That’s not a bad idea but the relation is so pious that such things should be avoided. When Kank in Mahabharata offered his daughter to Arjuna when they came to know that Pandavas lived with him. Arjuna refused to accept his daughter since he was her Guru. Instead he got his son Abhimanyu married to her.

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    Yes, I think a guru is human and may err. I think a guru may be biased. I think a guru may be fooled by hypocrites.

    In this case the duty of the student is to teach the guru.

    I believe that all this is meant to be. I believe that the guru is there just to help the student discover, not to hand the student a whole fixed material.

    But the guru and the student are in the same boat, the same adventure of discovery.

    So, even if the guru is biased or fooled, it cannot be for a long time. The guru has to remain the guru, and the student has to remain the student.

    The student still looks up at the guru.

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    Ms Madhu, I have always been told that the student must obey the guru no matter what.

    And that the guru does not make mistakes.

    Even if the guru seems not to see that some people try to mislead him, in fact, he/she sees everything, always capable to detect the truth. The guru may have reasons not to say anything.

    The guru cannot be questioned, Ms. Madhu! Never!

    Vicious and cruel people accumulate bad karma, and that is their business. So, do not worry, be happy!

    As for the guru learning from the student, I guess it is possible, because the guru, like everyone else, keeps learning.

    Ms. Madhu, you must understand that between a guru and a student, there is a symbiosis which no one can alter, no matter how hard people try. God sees to it that both guru and student live in peace and do their work, in perfect harmony...eventually.

    Thanks for the question!

    Merry Christmas to you too!

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    I don't know.

    I can't focus my attention away from your pic long enough to even finish reading your question.

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