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How Does A Wolf Catch its Food?

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    Wolves are pack hunters. They mainly target the old, weak, sick, injured, and young. This hunting tactic ensures that only the strongest and healthiest animals remain to breed, thus keeping the herds healthy. They have incredible stamina and can chase their prey for miles until it is too exhausted to fight back, then they tear it to peaces. Surprisingly, they only succeed on their hunts about 10% of the time. Many other predators such as dholes, African wild dogs, coyotes, and hyenas hunt the same way.

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    When hunting small animals, such as rodents, wolves hunt singly. They detect a rodent hidden in the grass, and pinpoint its location by scent and by listening carefully to any sound it makes. They then begin stalking it, and when they are sure of its exact location and are close enough, they will quickly pin it to the ground with their paws. Sometimes they will leap up before pinning the rodent to the ground.

    When hunting in packs, wolves can take down prey as large as an adult bison, which a single wolf would have difficulty with. Normally, they will target an old, young or weak animal, and try to seperate it from the herd. They then continually harass it, possessing great stamina which makes some chases last for hours, until the prey tires. When it can no longer run away or defend itself, they pull it to the ground and disembowel it.

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    a wolf does not catch food by itself, at least not large pray. It's very rare to see a wolf hunt by itself. Wolves hunt in packs. They track down their prey, surround it, and take it down. Sorry for not much detail, only know the basis of what happens.

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    Wolves eat other animals. A whole pack gets together. Two of them jump out and chase the prey towards another two wolves who attack it. Before it can figure out what's happening, the poor animal is surrounded by hungry wolves. Then they kill the prey animal using their sharp teeth an claws and eat its flesh.

    Source(s): I learned about wolves on Animal Planet. Did you know that domestic dogs are considered a sub-species of the Grey Wolf?
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    Wolves hunt in pack. They are predatory and sometimes even nocturnal so they hunt at night. They work as a team and take down the biggest prey they can find all together.

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    It runs down (usually) weakened animals and tears their throats out. And when they're not hunting the big game, they eat lots of mice and squirrels and bunnies. Wolves tend to hunt in packs where the individuals cooperate to get the kill.

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    Wolves are predators, they run other animals down and kill them and eat them.

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