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Is Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko considered pro-Western or pro-Russian?

I'm kind of confused on this. I thought she was the pro-West ally of President Yushchenko during the Orange Revolution, and even wrote an article called "Containing Russia". Now I heard recently that Russian PM Putin endorsed her, and said she was someone he could work with.

So which side is her foreign policy on?

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    It is obvious that she is a political whore just like many politicians are. They wanted to position themselves as pro-West allies in the beginning, but when it came down to Gas and neighboring Economic positioning, they had no choice but to cave in and improve their ties with Russia. Putin is obviously endorsing her after all this time when Ukraine agreed to pay the gas prices that Russia set up for them.

    They want to be close to two sides obviously. Ukraine still maintains close ties with US, but at the same time they understand that making enemies with Russia will cause more economic despair to their country. Therefore, they are running back and forth between the two trying to kiss a$$ and feed themselves.

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    I'm just back from Ukraine and "Lady U" is not well liked. She is accused of being involved in the gas scandal.

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    Writing during an article is a class idea

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    She considered Pro-Money.

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    It seems that she is on both sides. Very clever lady:)

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