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who were the wives and children of Charlemagne?

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    Here are SOME of them. #1 is Charlemagne, "sp" are his spouses and the "#2"s after the "sp" are the children born to Charlemagne through that particular spouse.

    Descendants of Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor

    11 Dec 2009

    1. Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor (b.2 Apr 0742-Aix-La-Chapelle,Austrasia;d.28 Jan 0813/0814-Aix-La-Chapelle,Aachen,R,Germany)

    sp: Regina (Reginopycrha) (b.Abt 0770-Of Aachen,Rhineland,Prussia;m.Aft 0783)

    2. Hugh L'Abbe Abbot of St. Quentin (b.0794-Aachen;d.7 Jun 0844-St Quentin Abbey)

    sp: UNKNOWN

    sp: Himiltrude (b.Abt 0746-Of,Aachen,Rhineland,Prussia)

    2. Aupais (Alpais) (b.Abt 0773-,France;d.Aft 0852)

    sp: Count Begue\Bego de Paris (b.Abt 0760-Paris,Seine,France;m.Abt 0803;d.0816)

    sp: Concubine (d.Deceased)

    2. Dhoude Of France (b.Abt 0798;d.Deceased)

    sp: Bernard Comte D'Autun (b.Abt 0790;m.Abt 0816;d.Deceased)

    sp: Luitgard (m.0794;d.0800)

    sp: Hildegard of Vizgau (b.Abt 0757-Of,Aachen,Rhineland,Prussia;m.0771;d.30 Apr 0783-,Thionville,Austrasia)

    2. Pepin (Carloman) King of Italy (b.Apr 0773-Of Aachen,Rhineland,Prussia;d.8 Jul 0810-,Milan,,Italy)

    sp: Bertha De Toulouse (b.Abt 0777-Of,Toulouse,Haute-Garonne,France;m.Abt 0795)

    sp: Ingeltrude D'Autun (b.0780;m.0795;d.Deceased)

    2. Louis "The Pious" Holy Roman Emperor (b.Aug 0778-Casseneuil,,France;d.20 Jun 0840-Near,Ingelheim,Rhinehessen,Hesse)

    sp: Judith "The Fair" of Bavaria (b.Abt 0800-Of,Altdorf,,Bavaria;m.Feb 0818/0819;d.19 Apr 0843-,Tours,Neustria)

    sp: Ermengarde (Irmengarde) Princess of Hesbaye (b.Abt 0800-Of,Hesbaye,,Belgium;m.0798;d.3 Oct 0818-,Angers,,France)

    2. Charles Holy Roman Empiror (b.0772-Of,Aachen,Rhineland,Prussia;d.4 Dec 0811)

    sp: Juliana

    2. Dhouda von Bayern (b.Abt 0812;d.Deceased)

    sp: Count Bernard de Barcelona (b.Bef 0802-Languedoc,France;m.24 Jun 0824;d.0844-Aachen,Rheinland,Prussia)

    2. Bertha Of France (b.Abt Jun 0779-Aachen,Rheinland,Prussia;d.14 Jan 0822/0823)

    sp: St. Angilbert De Ponthieu (b.0779;m.Abt 0794;d.18 Feb 0813/0814)

    2. Cunigunda Princess Of The Holy Roman Empire (b.Abt 0772;d.15 Jun 0835)

    sp: St. Guillaume de Gellone Ct de Toulouse (b.Abt 0765-Toulouse,Languedoc,France;d.0812-Gellone)

    2. Rotrude France (b.0775;d.0810)

    sp: Roricon Comte Du Maine (b.0770;m.0800;d.1 Mar 0839)

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    Charlemagne Children

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    Charlemagne Wife

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    This Site Might Help You.


    who were the wives and children of Charlemagne?

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    Charlemagne had numerous wives and mistresses and a lot of children. According to reliable sources, his wives were: (1) Himiltrud (not much is known about her origins) (2) Desideria, daughter of Desiderius, King of the Lombards (he divorced her in 771 A.D.) (3) Hildegard, daughter of Hildebrand, Duke of Swabia (she died in 783) (4) Fastrada (began as a slave, then lady in waiting) (she died in 794) (5) Liutgard (again not much detail. She died in 800) Among Charlemagne's many children were: Pepin, who became King of Italy, Charles, also a King of Italy Louis I, king of Aquitaine and later Holy Roman Emperor Berta, who married the Count of Ponthieu and whose descendants became the Counts of Boulogne Rotrud, who married the Count of Maine Druada, who married Bernard, Marquess of Aquitaine Drogo, probably illegitimate, who became the Bishop of Metz

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    wives children charlemagne

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    Wife: Himiltrude

    Wife: Ermengarda

    Wife: Hildegard of Savoy (b. 758, m. circa 771, d. 783)

    Wife: Fastrada (m. 784, d. 794)

    Wife: Luitgard (m. 794, d. 800)

    Son: Pippin the Hunchback (d. 813)

    Son: Charles, King of Neustria (d. 811)

    Son: Pippin (King of Italy, ruled 781–810)

    Son: Louis The Pious (King of Aquitaine, Emperor 814–840)

    Son: Lothar (d. 780)

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