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What songs off all her albums has Lee Ann Womack written or co-written?

I bought all her cd's off iTunes when they came out/became available, and there is just no telling who has written the songs when you buy online. I know she writes all the time and is a fabulous songwriter, I would just like to know ALL of the songs she has written or co-written and then recorded. Her albums include: Lee Ann Womack, Some Things I Know, I Hope You Dance, The Season For Romance, Greatest Hits, Something Worth Leaving Behind, There's More Where That Came From, Call Me Crazy.

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    Albums and tracks co-written by Womack (no tracks are hers alone):

    1997 Lee Ann Womack

    She co-wrote Track 4 only ("I Am the Only Thing That You've Done Wrong").

    1998 Some Things I Know

    Co-wrote Tracks 5 ("The Man Who Made My Mama Cry") and 9 ("If You're Ever Down In Dallas").

    2000 I Hope You Dance

    Co-wrote only Track 9 ("I Feel Like I'm Forgetting Something"). Did NOT write the title track!

    2002 Something Worth Leaving Behind


    2003 The Season for Romance

    None - all Christmas songs/standards.

    2004 Greatest Hits

    Track 14 ("Time For Me To Go") was one she wrote of two new songs on this album.

    2005 There's More Where That Came From

    Only Track 6 ("Twenty Years And Two Husbands Ago") was a co-write, but her first hit from her own pen.

    NOTE: unsure about the untitled hidden track on this album.

    2008 Call Me Crazy

    Lee Ann breaks out the busy stick, co-writing four tracks: Tracks 4 ("New Again"), 6 ("Have You Seen That Girl"), 9 ("If These Walls Could Talk") and 10 ("Everything But Quits"), a duet with George Strait (not a co-writer).

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    I also like his songs! Really wonderful! My favorite of his songs,for you! Hope you happy!

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