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Is it normal for a therapist to require you to pay for special evaluations and tests?

I went to a therapist for the first time in my life earlier this week. I felt very comfortable with her, and think that she could really help me. However, she will not schedule me for regular weekly visits until I take some evaluations and tests administered by her assistant. The cost is $350, and is not covered by insurance. Is this normal? She seems nice, but it seemed odd to me. I told her that I was wanted to wait until the new year, because my insurance is changing and I will have a health savings account and can use tax free money to pay for them. But I am having doubts on whether these are necessary, and if I should go to another therapist instead. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm pretty new to this kind of thing.

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    You don't say whether you have a counselor with a 4 year degree or a psychologist with a Master's or Doctorate degree. Is this woman in practice for herself or does she work in a clinic.

    Also, what tests are they? Not all are accepted in the Professional community. MMPR (Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Test) is one standard test that is acceptable for personality typology by leaders in the field. I was not charged separately by my psychotherapist (Ph.D.) for my test. I heard they usually charge $40-60 bucks to process (read the results) but the cost was covered by my insurance. And that was nearly 10 years ago.

    Are you able to get the results of these tests? Did you know that if you take those tests they can be used against you in court in a lawsuit; divorce, custody, mental competency, insurance investigations, or whatever comes up in your life?? Any attorney that represents anyone suing you can petition the court and get those tests and a writeup from your "therapist" without your permission, so please ask questions and get answers. I only know because it happened to me. Don't be victimized.

    My therapist/psychologist and a psychiatrist diagnosed me long before the tests. The tests were many years later for other reasons. If your therapist has any credentials at all, she should be able to help you and even make a conclusive diagnosis for you without any testing. If she works for an agency, it may be standard procedure for all clients.

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    I really feel for you on this, it's a sad state of affairs where they can do that and I'm grateful i'm in the UK where we have the NHS sadly if your Doctor is refusing to refer you without those test you are very limited as to your options you can ask her if she has any way round it or you can get a second opinion however I couldn't say how much that would cost you perhaps someone in America can help you better but othe rthan advising you write to your doctor I can't see any way round it sorry

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    I was never required to have any tests or evaluations by my therapist.

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