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Why are there no Democrats pushing for an investigation into the Climate-gate scandal?

Why wouldn't the Dems in congress want to take measures to get to the bottom of things for the sake of truth, especially if there's a chance expensive legislation being pushed like Cap & Trade, which will undoubtedly increase everyone's energy costs by 50% or more, is based on lies?

Or are there Dems I don't know about who are actively seeking the truth?

Any reasonable and fair-minded person would agree there are undeniable reasons to have serious questions about the validity of the man-made climate change theory, especially since manipulation of data of which this theory is based on has been exposed.

A band of 28 Republican senators is calling on the United Nations to appoint an independent investigator to probe leaked e-mails they claim raise serious questions about the science behind global warming.

Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, announced last week that the U.N. would conduct an investigation, saying at the time that the controversy over the e-mails was serious and that he didn't want to "brush anything under the carpet."

But the GOP senators wrote in their letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon that while such an inquiry is a "positive step," they want an investigation "that is truly independent of the IPCC and the U.N." -- in the style of the independent investigation led by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker in the wake of the Oil for Food scandal.

"The United Nations must now appoint another independent investigator with an international team to pursue this matter," the senators wrote. They also urged the U.N. to open the books on the matter to the U.S. Congress and general public.

"The investigation must be conducted without political interference and manipulation from individual countries, non-governmental organizations, those within the U.N., those who have contributed to the IPCC, those being investigated, or any closely related associates," the senators wrote. "In the interest of transparency, it is imperative that the U.S. Congress have full access to all documents, as well as transcripts and interviews, from the investigation, and that they be released to the public."

Republican officials in Washington have been waving red flags ever since the release of the e-mails from the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit that appeared to show climate scientists discussing the manipulation of data. The unit has been involved with several of the IPCC's own assessments.

The controversy comes in the midst of the international conference on climate change in Copenhagen, where world leaders are working toward a new global treaty aimed at reducing emissions. Obama administration officials insist the e-mails do not discredit the underlying science behind global warming.

But the senators urged the U.N. Thursday to look at whether data was manipulated, whether there were attempts to keep scientific journals from publishing dissenting opinions and other matters.

"These e-mails reveal that several of the IPCC's top scientists may have engaged in efforts to, among other things, manipulate data, defame scientists with opposing viewpoints, and evade transparency laws," they wrote.


Don't act like you don't understand what I'm asking here. There's no doubt climate does change. It's been doing that for billions of years. I'm asking about MAN-MADE climate change theory and the manipulated data of which at least some of this theory is based on and the reasons why some in government (and the lemmings that are in lock step with them) might want to sweep the truth under the rug.

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    Simple, they could care less about the environment or finding the truth. They only want to slap taxes on the people so they can increase their power and control over the population.

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    Because even if this is found to be a huge forgery, and let me phrase this in caps because most people seem to have a real problem understanding it, IT'S A SCIENTIFIC ISSUE, NOT A POLITICAL ONE. The fact that ANYONE in the political realm is trying to make a name for themselves by attacking this lone university is beyond ridiculous. At the end of the day, this one university is not going to prove or disprove the entirety of the man-made global climate change theory. The theory is made up of data that's been validated from a multitude of research locations, and there's going to be no effect on anything they've said beforehand. If a lab falsified data about the Polio virus, people would not stop believing the Polio virus exists for exactly the same reason.

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    This "scandal" is nothing more than a right-wing attempt at stopping cap & trade. While there are places on this planet that are not experiencing dramatic changes, there are 2 places that are undeniably facing extreme change-the north and south poles. The polar ice is rapidly melting and the exact cause is open to debate. Conservatives, Tea baggers, republicans etc......want you to believe that global warming is nothing more than a money making scheme based on lies. The REAL lie is the propaganda being spewed from their own mouths about their wanna-be scandals!. Choose to believe what you want but it would be wise to show some concern about the way our planet is being abused and the total lack of concern from a power hungry group desperate to regain political power. If a real scandal is what you're looking for, look-up Tiger Woods.

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    I've been on the phone to Congressional Democrats and their senior staff every day since this broke, informing them that if they continue to go along with the genocidal, anti-scientific global warming fraud - run by the inherent and historical enemies of these United States - they can no longer claim, with any credibility, to be the party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal, or John Fitzgerald Kennedy and the New Frontier. Rather, if they continue to capitulate to the fascist Warmist mafiosos, they will become the party of Burr, Rockefeller, Mussolini, and Hitler - and rightly so.

    In any case, exposing Al Gore's and Prince Philip's AGW fraud is a task of the highest national urgency. Any and all patriots will instruct their friends, family, and acquiantances to inform their elected representatives that any US government official who accepts, concedes, or capitulates to this high crime against humanity is liable to be arrested, charged, and convicted for high treason against these United States. That includes the current occupant of the White House (I refuse to call usurper Barky the President of the United States, just as I refused to refer to Mad Dog Bush the Younger with that honorable title).

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    As with most things I gonna bet there are allot of people and governments making and poised to make money and gain more control off the fear sparked by the whole MMGW thing, and besides if all these "important" people had to admit they were wrong/ lying could you imagine the fallout? A global scandal at the highest levels with some of the most supposedly "Intelligent" people.... nobody wants this solved.

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    Go ahead. It's probably a waste of money, but sure. The question is why oil companies aren't using the e-mails in law to call a scandal. They would get headlines and no more AGW-solution profit problems because of it.

    But yes, multiple investigations are an idea.

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    Because there is no scandal and the Dems are intellectually honest enough to understand that.

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    Why would they want to kill their own sacred cow?

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