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The Monster Crisp-Guzzler

1. 作者是誰?

2. 內容

3. 主角+其他角色

4. 總結

5. 感想

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    1 Malorie Blackman

    2 At her new school, Mira discovers she has a very unusual teacher—a teacher who turns into a real-life dragon when she eats crisps! This comes in very handy when the class run into trouble on a school trip to the seaside.

    3 Mira loves crisps-they're her favourite food in the whole,wide world.But when she opens a packet on her first day at a new school,the whole class gasps in horror.For Miss Porter,their teacher, is a MONSTER crisp-guzzler.And something very strange happens when she guzzles crisps....4The story of a girl who finds that her new teacher turns into a dragon when she eats crisps.

    5This is a hilarious tale of a very unusual teacher from an award-winning author.

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