Robert Plant and the Honeydrippers on SNL (1983 or 84)?

I'e been all over the web trying to find a recording of the Honeydrippers on SNL. It would've been around 1983, Eddie Murphy was host. They did THE BEST version of Santa Claus is Back in Town EVER! (might be one of the best musical performances ever on SNL.) I've found various references to the episode in show listings and what have you, but never a copy of the performance. I don't like to torrent or rapidfile, just looking for a YouTube or other legal copy. Anyone know where to find it?

Thanks for your help!


Thanks for the date correction, I'll keep looking. If you ever find it, it really is a phenomenal performance. Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page on guitars, Paul Shaeffer playing piano...just great!

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    1 decade ago
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    It first aired 12/15/84

    I tried to find the video but with no luck =( sorry

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