Who sees more "action", SWAT or HRT?

I recently learned that HRT was used for federal laws, in turn wouldn't that mean HRT doesn't see as much "action"?

Comparing NYPD SWAT to FBI HRT, through out a year who would be called to see more "action"?

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    FBI calls their units SWAT and there are 56 throughout the country. FBI SWAT members are regular FBI agents with regular investigative duties until they are called out.

    NYPD calls their people Emergency Services Unit (ESU since you like initials). They are full time in the unit but do a lot more than just SWAT work as most TV watchers think of SWAT. They do a lot more things like high risk warrant service where they dress up in helmets and such but they also do a lot of things like rescue work and assisting detectives with specialized searches.

    Any big city police officer sees more regular "action" then do most FBI Special Agents of any sort.

    When FBI does get into to it it is usually big time action but rarer that it is for most cops.

    My department, a very big one, used to call ours Hostage, Barricade Terrorist (HBT) but the politicians who fund things watch TV also so they had to rename them SWAT.

    ATF and DEA also have SWAT teams throughout the country. Like FBIs they are regular agents who are specially trained and do regular work until needed.

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    SWAT(Special Weapons And Tactics) and HRT(Human Response Teams) are units that make up SUT(Specialized Unit Teams). Cities are getting away from the name SWAT cause of the stigma. Also if categorized under different names they can carry out other various roles and it has to do with legal and insurance issues.

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  • Probably SWAT although I don't think it matters who busts down your door. Many police agencies are using their SWAT teams to issue warrants.

    -Yeah, issuing warrants. If they 'believe' you 'may' be 'dangerous' they have SWAT serve you.

    Ever hear of a No-knock warrant? Look into MI vs. Hudson and you will find that now officers simply bust down your door w/o notice and arrest you.......

    Next I want you to look into how many officers have been mistaken for intruders and have been shot/killed/wounded. It's never a very pretty outcome, for anyone.

    I suggest you knock before you come into my house. (on second thought, just come on in!)

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    NYPD doesn't have SWAT, they have ESU, which deal with a greater array of tasks.

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    most likely the mother fu ckin s.w.a.t. team

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