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Where is the best place to download Spybot Search and Destroy?

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    In all case's it is best to download direct from the software makers site or a link THEY Provide you.

    But of course the Internet is a business, and there are sites and company's who have built there repetition on honest reviewing and checking and testing and truthful opinion.

    My top three in no particular order

    (Never had a Virus or Spyware ,or Advertising, or any Trouble from any of these 3)

    Cnet Download Centre >>>>>

    Softpedia Download Centre >>>

    File Hippo Dowload Centre >>>

    In all cases you type the software your after into the search box and then see the results A extra point for File Hippo here as you can even download previous version of the said software if that is your choice.

    And no I do not work for any of them but I wish I did reviewing and writing about software programs all day............. wow now how do I apply lol

    Hope this is useful to you and all

    Good Luck Yours

    Thomas Thompson

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    6 years ago


    Puoi scaricare Spybot gratuitamente da questo link:

    Bye Bye

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    5 years ago

    Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE

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    1 decade ago

    Their site is:

    The following URL will redirect you to the above domain.

    To download the English version:

    you can choose a mirror and download from it.


    use their own site mirrors, example:

    Direct download:

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    The main source:

    Spybot S & D (free):

    I would NEVER download anti-malware or other critical software from any site but its producer's or a mirror site they recommended.

    Hope that helps.

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    1 decade ago

    Here, I found this link on a forum, hope it works for you:

    Good Luck!

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