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what is the most populous city in the USA by area density?

Im thinking its sanfrancisco even though it has a population of just about 1 million, people live very compact.

Its deffinately not houston because that place is major car driving sprawl and spread to far apart to be convienient or called a real city even though it has twice the population of sanfrancisco.

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    I'm not sure how reliable this site is, but it lists Union City, NJ as the densest city in the US as of the 2000 census:

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    On any sort of large scale it would be Manhattan. There are other places that are maybe a square mile and have quite a few people, but Manhattan has 1.5 million people in 22 square miles! That's all the size of Manhattan. That's an area of 2 miles by 11 miles, with 1.5 MILLION people!!! And its not even where most people live. Its mainly a Commercial place, and still has to be one of the densest places there is. Its quite feasible on a workday for there to actually be about another 1.5 million people on that tiny island.

    San Fran I don't know about. But what I've read from other places shows it to be dense, but not insanely crowded. I was thinking like you, with all of the narrow houses and all, but no. :-(

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    Freaking NY!!!

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    what about Los Angeles? I don't really know, just guessing it ranks up there somewhere :)

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