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How do you assign oxidation numbers to every atom in SrCr2O7?

can you help through this problem and tell me how to find oxidation numbers for atoms?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Oxygen is always -2

    H is generally +1

    column 1 is +1

    column 2 is +2

    column 3 is +3

    column 17 is -1

    column 16 is generally -2

    column 15 is generally -3

    transition elements vary

    nonmetals can vary

    Sr would be +2

    O is -2

    there are 7 O , so -14

    compounds do not have a charge

    -14, +2 gives -12 to share between 2 Cr, each at -6

  • 1 decade ago

    Sr is in the Mg group and is +2 , oxygen has to be -2 thus Cr207 is -2 and since oxygen is -2 Cr2 has to be +12 and thus Cr is +6

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