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Could I get into these Universities?

I am from Pennsylvania and currently a junior in high school and I have been looking ahead to my future a lot so far. I would like to go to college to major in journalism, history, or athletic training, and then become a sports journalist, high school history teacher, or athletic trainer.


(Number) (College) (Location of college) (Majors that I want offered there)

1. Point Park University – Pittsburgh, PA – History and Journalism

2. Temple University – Philadelphia, PA – History, Journalism, and Athletic Training

3. Millersville University – Millersville, PA – History

4. Penn State University Main Campus – University Park, PA – History and Journalism

5. University of Miami – Miami, FL – Journalism and Athletic Training

6. St. Cloud State University – St. Cloud, MN – History and Journalism

7. University of Arizona – Tucson, AZ – Journalism and History

8. Arizona State University – ? – Journalism, History, Athletic Training


My current grades during junior year (this year):

Phys. Ed. 11 = 90

Health 11 = 98

English 11 = 86

Environmental Science (lab) = 89

Global Studies = 102

Algebra II = 93

Crafts = 98 (art class required for graduation)

Journalism II = 100

Junior Year Overall Percentage = 95

Junior Overall GPA = 3.8

High School Class Rank = 165/328 (this was at the end of sophomore year, I think it's a lot higher now.)


The classes I’ve taken and are going to take are as followed… (These are only my main classes that are each one credit. Journalism is an elective, but I’m planning on majoring in it. It’s still an everyday, all year class.) Oh and my school only has honors classes right now, not AP. In my school you also don’t have to take math or science your senior year, but I am going to.

8th – German I

9th – German II, Comprehensive English 9, U.S. History I, Algebra I, General Biology (lab), Physical Education 9, and Health Education 9.

10th – Comprehensive English 10, Physical Science (lab), U.S. History II Honors, Geometry, Journalism I, Physical Education 10, and Health Education 10.

11th – Comprehensive English 11, Environmental Science (lab), Global Studies, Algebra II, Journalism II, Physical Education 11, and Health Education 11.

In 12th grade I’m planning on taking – Comprehensive English 12, Basic Chemistry, Trigonometry, American Society Honors, Journalism III, and Physical Education 12.


The extra-curricular activities I am involved in are SADD Club, Wrestling Team, Wrestling Team Student Athletic Trainer, Baseball Manager, Baseball Student Athletic Trainer, Church Softball Team, and Youth Group. I am also a sports reporter for my high school’s newspaper, The Rocket Star and I have my own sports column called Player of the Month. I used to volunteer at an after school day care for kids 8th grade and down. Helping them with homework, playing games, and giving them snack.

Finally, during my junior (this year) and senior year of high school I have a student internship with WOYK, a sports radio-broadcasting network, for both the football and basketball seasons. I will go to all my school’s home and away game, collect stats, call in stats, and broadcast the game I reviewed on radio.

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    Admission into University of Miami and PSU is extremely competitive. It really all depends on your SAT scores now. Seems like you have adequate extracurricular activities and your grades are solid, though that's too bad your school does not offer AP classes. You might be at a disadvantage in terms of the rigor of your coursework compared to other students. Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    I need SAT Scores

  • 1 decade ago

    all i know is you should get into Arizona State

    with zero problems because theyre not selective at all.

  • 1 decade ago

    i dont think you would make it into penn state, not sure about the others

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