Are Today's Rock Stars More Larger Than Life Than...?

ones of the past? .....Or vice versa?

We all know the legends: Freddie Mercury, Bowie, Lennon, Alice al. All larger than life figures in their day.

Fast forward to 2009. We have figures like Adam Lambert, Billie Joe Armstrong, ...who am I forgetting?

Today the term "rock star" has taken on a broader meaning & people like Taylor Swift, John Mayer & Lady GaGa are sometimes umbrellaed with the status.

Well, for the purposes of *This* thread, we're only talkin' about figures who actually *Rock* in the traditional sense.

You know what I mean.

So which set of stars were more over the top to you?

Does it matter to you?


**unrelated side note*

This thread was double-posted (somehow) & I deleted the other one.

Update 2:

Great points by Wire, for sure. But I'll leave this one to the vote. Thanks all! :)

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    I agree with fu manchu, or the Jerry Garcia League

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    Well I think its starts with what you began to clarify; today's term "rock star" means anyone in any genre other than hiphop (cause theyre "hip hop stars") who is hugely popular right now. You nailed it with Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift. Whereas back in the day, a rock star played in a rock band.... period.

    I think that the aforementioned Bowie, Lennon, etc.. have gone from rockstar status to LEGENDARY status. Up there with Elvis, Aretha etc, but in the rock genre. SO we tend to look upon these names today with a sense of reverency.

    Sort of a "Hallowed be thy name Ozzy, Jagger, Clapton, Lennon, Mercury, Bowie, Cooper, etc"

    Today's rock stars havent yet attained legendary status because that takes decades of accomplishment and consistent hits and stardom to attain.

    SO there's my 2 cents, yesterdays rock stars are held to a higher status than the ones we have currently making music and touring... its a case of them having to pay their dues to attain legend status.

    I will throw this out there.... if we were to fast forward 20 years, Who today would have attained this "legendary status"? I maintain that Billie Joe Armstrong (GreenDay is going on 20 yrs together as a band in 2011! ) will have attained it... possibly Brandon Flowers if the Killers stay huge.... but honestly cant think of many more from the rock genre. (several will be named in the hip hop and pop genres.... namely Jay Z, and P Diddy)

    Source(s): Wire and String makes and excellent point... the industry is much more diverse and "fractured" as he put it, today than it was back then.... and the positives and negatives abound.
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    No one in modern times has the "staying power" nor the real initiative or aspirations to "revolutionize"

    which contributes vastly to overall "staying power"...Rockers are not seeking the unobtainable, as fame and "flash in the pan" are mass produced nearly like as in an assembly line in some surreal, yet pointless manufacturing plant...raw and organic is not in. Blog, Facebook, My Space, TMZ and Seventeen Magazine will make them (todays rockers) larger than life, but what a short life span!

  • 1 decade ago

    Depends on the Listener.....

    Generation now, well 65% of them at least, will argue to the Death that today's Rock Artists are the Greatest of all time.... Larger then Life, and larger then any one Musician, or Band that came before them..

    Then there's Generation Past, who get slightly agitated at Generation Now's Musical Incompetence, and try so very Patiently to educate them on the fact that Though they may think Today's Musicians are the Greatest Ever, they wouldn't have such a grand Title, if it wasn't for their Roots...

    Then there's me, who thinks it all relatively Irrelevant, as none of them will ever be bigger then The Beatles..

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    this sort of status isnt determined by the artists, its determined by the audience. the audience today is far more fractured than it was back then. there are positives to this, such as a diverse music scene, and there are negatives like there arent as many new artist that we all relate to. the part of the scene that wants to cling to the larger than life figure seems to be the mainstream american idol sort of part of culture... so maybe we are better off without it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There is no one today even remotely in Jimmy Page's league. These people suck at being rock stars compared to that standard.

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