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Stretching earlobes tips?

I've stretched my ears up to 0g, and I've tried to go up to 00g three times, and they rip every time I do it (I let them heal for about a month and a half before trying again). Can anyone give me some tips to avoid ripping them again, or if I can get anything just a little bit smaller than 00g?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    use teflon tape. not electrical. the glue on the electrical aggravates the skin. also, you should wait a minimum of 3 months between stretches at this size. and you should be using a taper with lots of lube. are you?

    but the taping method works great too

    Source(s): piercer
  • 1 decade ago

    Tape them. Get electrical (or bondage... works better actually) tape and wrap your plugs a couple of times, and put them back in your ears. Wait a week or two then tape again. It's way more gradual and won't tear your ear since you can control how much you tape.

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