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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHigher Education (University +) · 1 decade ago

Need advice about writing a lit review: college students please reply?

ok I need to write a lit review and I found a lot of great sources, but I found one AMAZINGLY GREAT source that happens to be a lit review. I want to incorporate it in my own lit review but not sure what the rule is about using a "lit review" in your own "lit review". Can someone give me further advice about this?

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    You can use it to cite information that it points out. It would probably be better to find the sources that the review used and glance through them to find the information. But if you do decided to use the review itself as a source, BE SURE TO CITE ANYTHING you use from the article, be it in "quotes", paraphrased (and cited), or "[mostly] quoted".

    Good luck!

  • You can use their resources and opinions yet make it your own. If you take a quote or anything from the previous paper make sure you site it. You could even list the lit review as one of your resources if you want, but I do not recommend it. Do not copy word for word, but use their lit review as a basis for your lit review. Be careful not to plagiarize.

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    use their sources

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