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Can you give me a true argument as to why eating meat is better than being vegan?

Thanks! Answers like it taste better and whatnot need not apply.


Moon, plenty of Christians believe just the opposite of that. That is just your interpretation or the interpretation pressed upon you.

Update 2:

I am sure their are people who aren't healthy on a veg diet. Do you know any unhealthy people who eat meat?

Update 3:

Paige, what nutrients does meat give us? Also, I am pretty sure our sharp teeth, two top two bottom, are used for tearing into fruits, not meat. Think about it. Humans use tools to kill animals and then cook them over fire. Animals that are carnivorous kill with their own body parts, claw teeth etc. Our teeth look nothing like a dogs teeth. The majority of human teeth are flat and used for grinding.

Update 4:

Black, that isn't true. Sure, maybe type O people need more of something like iron or something that is found in meats, but iron is found in all sorts of things including cashews and almonds. That is just a myth. People should consider what they are eating and find out what they are missing.

Update 5:

Dori, thanks for answering and I did read the whole comment. You are right, people can have too much of a good thing. However, soy beans are not the only source of protein. You also have all the other legumes (beans-black, kidney, navy, pinto, peanut etc.) and nuts such as cashews, almonds walnuts etc. I am sure their are other things with protein, too. I get plenty of protein, but no bad fats, since they are all found in meats. I don't know about being poisoned by vitamin A, but I do know that people who eat meat and are vegan take vitamins..........

Update 6:

all types of people take vitamins I mean

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    Eating meat helps you to die younger, and given the size and growth rate of the population, plus the impact of humans on the environment, it seems useful to kill people off as quickly as possible.

    Regarding answer #1, Adam and Eve were only instructed to eat meat AFTER getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden. So clearly God did NOT put animals on earth just for humans to eat. Not that I believe in that stuff.. but some obviously do.

  • 1 decade ago

    what she said and...when a person eats meat or any other nutrient for that matter, they are not getting just one or two nutrients (assuming it's a healthy/nutrient-dense/natural food not processed/low-nutrient food), they are getting an array of nutrients. Just as vegetables are nutrient-dense in vitamins and minerals that meat is low in, meat contains vast amount of certain nutrients that cannot be found at the same levels in veggies, fruits, etc. So, in order to have a balanced/healthy diet it would make sense to consume BOTH. True, you could take a supplement to provide nutrients but that would take a massive amount of effort to make sure you're not getting a deficiency of any vitamins and minerals...or worse an overdose on a vitamin/mineral that can't be easily passed through your system (fat-soluable vitamins). As well as a risk of over/under dose, vitamins have been proven to not be as easily absorbed into the system. This is partially because of the altered nutrients companies put into the pills. For example, Vitamin A in retinol form, which is what most supplements contain, can be lethal in high-overdoses whereas, Vitamin A in beta carotene form can easily pass excess vitamin through the system. Now, onto protein content, protien is essential for growth and body repairs, so it would make sense to include it into your diet. Soybeans and eggs are renown for their high protien content, and as you may notice, one is a legume and the other falls under the meat category. Both can be beneficial because or their high-protien but the absorption level of soybeans is significantly lower than that of eggs, so one would have to eat a weighty amount of soybeans to benefit from protien. Assuredly, soy is healthy but, there can be too much of a good thing because in order to benefit from protien content oxalate levels would raise a significat amount. Oxalate is not digestable and does not provide health benefits, RATHER it binds with calcium in the kidney to form kidney stones. Kidney stones regularly pass through the urethra but with raised oxalate levels comes larger stones and...pain. I know you're asking "so does that justify eating a baby chicken egg?" Yup, because technically, there is no baby in the egg, the egg will never hatch, it's INFERTILE. Just like how human women ovulate, it's what a hen does...unless a cock/rooster comes along and "fertilizes" it.

    SOOOO, a compromise may be to eat a balanced diet with humanely prepared meats (and if not that then at LEAST eat eggs) or if you are REALLY, REALLY dedicated, then do some research about dietary health and make sure your not doing your body any damage in the long run.

    oh, and sorry for making it so long & thanks for reading the whole thing, I know I would have to stretch my attention span to read this thing.

  • 1 decade ago

    We have canine teeth which are used to eat meat particularly. Also meat gives you essential nutrients that being a vegan alone wouldn't provide.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i like the arguement - if god didnt want us to eat meat he wouldnt have made animals out of it - - it cracks me up when i hear it, i always ask - so we should eat humans also?

    anyway all that fairytale stuff aside, i dont care if people do or dont eat meat, but i do find some white people look all pasty and pale if they dont and it sort of looks unhealthy to me

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    1 decade ago

    Blood Type O.

    You get sick if you do not eat meat.

  • 1 decade ago

    Im christian and i beleve god put animals on the earth to eat so......There it is.

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