Who do you think should Captain each team?

My answers

Crows- McLeod

Lions- Brown

Blues- Judd

Pies- Maxwell

Bombers- Ryder

Freo- Sandilands

Cats- Enright\Scarlett

Hawks- Mitchell

Demons- Davey

Kangas- Harvey

Power- Treadrea

Tigers- Newman

Saints- Riewoldt

Swans- Kirk\C. Bolton

Eagles- Cox

Bulldogs- Cross

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    Crows - Scott Thompson. I think the captaincy will bring out the best in him plus Bunji has 1 maybe 2 years left in him.

    Brisbane - Jonathon Brown

    Carlton - Chris Judd

    Collingwood - Co Captains Nick Maxwell and Dane Swan

    Essendon- David Hille

    Fremantle- Matthew Pavlich

    Geelong- Co captains Joel Selwood or Gary Ablett to keep him at the Cats.

    Hawthorn - Luke Hodge

    Melbourne - Nathan Jones

    North Melbourne - Drew Petrie

    Port Adelaide - Hamish Hartlett in the future but for now Domenic Cassisi.

    Richmond - Trent Cotchin

    St Kilda - Sam Fisher. They need a man as captain not a extremely talented cry baby.

    Sydney - Jarrad McVeigh

    West Coast - Brad Ebert. If Beau Waters body was sound I would have chose him.

    Western Bulldogs - Right now Dale Morris in the future Callan Ward.

    I had an eye open to the future with some of my selections and thought it was time for a change with a few captains. Some are doing a good job now so I left them as captains.

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    4 years ago

    Mista Mista - Al MacInnis was NEVER the captain of the Flames. Anaheim - Paul Kariya Atlanta - they've had captains? Boston - Raymond Bourque Buffalo - Gilbert Perreault Calgary - Lanny McDonald Carolina - Ronald Francis Chicago - Pierre Pilote Colorado - Joseph Sakic Dallas - Michael Modano Columbus - they've had captains? Detroit - Ted Lindsey Florida - Scott Mellanby Los Angeles - Wayne Gretzky Minnesota Wild - Has anybody been a captian for more than 20 games? Montreal Canadiens - Maurice Richard Nashville Predators - Greg JOhnson New Jersey - Scott Stevens Islanders - Denis Potvin Rangers - Bill Cook Philadelphia - Bobby Clarke Phoenix - Dale Hawerchuk Pittsburgh - Mario Lemieux St. Louis - Brian Sutter San Jose - Owen Nolan Tampa Bay - Dave Andreychuk Toronto - George Armstrong Vancouver - Stan Smyl Washington - Rod Langway Snoop, this is for you and all those people who think Yzerman is thge best ever......... In 2005 during the lockout, CBC/Ron MacLean did a roundtable with Dick Irvin, Mike Keenan, Scotty Bowman, Brian McFarlane, Don Cherry, Bob Nicholson, Stan Fischler, and Wayne Gretzky. They were each asked to pick the 5 best captains in NHL history. Yzerman got a 5th place vote from Keenan Messier didn't get any votes. A fan asked Keenan why he didn't pick the greatest captain of all-time...Mark messier - Keenan laughed and said that Mark didn't deserve it. Scotty was asked why he didn't choose Yzerman, he claimed that Yzerman wasn't the best captain he had ever had. On both cases, I have to agree with the experts Here is how the experts chose 1. Maurice Richard (6-1-0-1-0) 36 pts 2. Wayne Gretzky (1-4-0-1-0) 27 pts 3. Jean Beliveau (1-1-3-0-0) 21 pts 4. Bobby Clarke (0-1-4-1-1) 19 pts 5. Mario Lemieux (0-1-1-2-0) 11 pts 6. George Armstrong (0-0-0-2-0) 4 pts 7. Yvan Cournoyer (0-0-0-1-1) 3 pts 8. Dave Keon (0-0-0-0-1) 1 pt 9. John Bucyk (0-0-0-0-1) 1 pt 10. Joe Sakic (0-0-0-0-1) 1 pt 11. Steve Yzerman (0-0-0-0-1) 1 pt 12. Brian Sutter (0-0-0-0-1) 1 pt 13. Ray Bourque (0-0-0-0-1) 1 pt My personal top 3 Richard Clarke Gretzky

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    I think you've answered your own question already!

    I'd agree with most of those nominations - except for Essendon, I'd have Jobe Watson as captain, with Sydney, I'd have Kirk and Goodes as co-captains, for Hawthorn I'd have Luke Hodge, and Freo should be co-captained by Sandilands and Pavlich.

    Although I'm not that happy with Judd at the moment, I freely admit his influence has lifted Carlton's midfield in the past two seasons, and I think he is still the right guy for the position of captain.

    After his suspension, he'd better pull his head out of his **** and concentrate more on being a good leader and a football player, instead of a celebrity hanging out with the PM and such.

    He's a terrific player - but compared to Sticks Kernahan, he's only a mediocre captain at this point in his career.

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    The topic of who should captain West Coast is a highly debated one, and in my opinion the picking of Darren Glass not only highlights that every position in the team is of equal importance, but it is always not the best player that takes the stand. I guess, in my eyes and ninety five percent of the other eagles supporters eyes, Dean Cox is the man. I could see him being a better motivator, plus he makes more of an effort to make himself known by the fans. I would prefer him as captain, not to say that Glass isnt doing a very good job. You must remember that Glass has had to deal with captaining the club after the Loss of Cousins and Judd, and lead the overpowering number of youth at the club - so hes had a very tough job to do.

    I agree with your list mate, although I think Murphy would be an ideal captain for Carlton and someone like Swan or Pendulbry would be ideal for Collingwood - I dont like Maxwell. Davey would be a much better leader on and off the field than Mcdonald for the Demons, and he would help them fight through the struggle that they are currently in.

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    Shifty, Mcleod isn't our captain, Goodwin is......

    Anyway here's my answers:

    Crows- Goodwin

    Lions- Brown

    Blues- Judd

    Pies- Maxwell

    Bombers- Watson

    Freo- Pavlich

    Cats- Scarlett

    Hawks- Hodge

    Demons- Davey

    Kangas- Harvey

    Power- K Kornes

    Tigers- Newman

    Saints- Riewoldt

    Swans- Kirk

    Eagles- Cox

    Bulldogs- Lake

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    Crows - Thompson (Hard at the ball, good role-model)

    Lions - Brown (natural born leader, every team wants him)

    Blues - Judd (obvious)

    Pies - Pendelbury (I reckon he deserves it)

    Bombers - Watson

    Freo - Pavlich

    Cats - Corey (just to be different and he is actually very good)

    Hawks - Hodge (He pretty much runs the team already)

    Demons - Bruce

    Kangas - Petrie (Hardest working player)

    Power - Cassissi

    Tigers - Newman/Deledio

    Saints - Riewoldt (anyone who says otherwise has no clue)

    Swans - Kirk

    Eagles - Cox

    Bulldogs - Barry Hall... jokes.. Cooney or Boyd.

  • shifty
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    1 decade ago

    your list looks good a-man except for a couple

    mcleod will probably stay as captain for one more year at the crows but i do see some one else taking over that mantle soon.

    i think that watson will be the new captain at essondon soon.

    cats. i think that joel selwood is an absolute shoe in to get this job sooner rather than later.

    cox as captain at wce.

    hmm. now this is a very interesting one. a glass is doing such a fine job at the moment.

    the rest of them read pretty good to me ok.

    Source(s): sorry crows 91 you are right what was i thinking? (dumb s**t) goodwin is a great captain at the moment and should stay as captain as he has great leadership qualities. thanks for correcting me. ad} i know that enforcer wont agree with that comment that i just made. but if he can come up with someone better for the crows i would love to hear it.
  • 1 decade ago

    i would have to say your list is close to spot on, although WCE could be co-captained by cox and glass both of which tend to share leadership roles anyway

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your list looks perfect for me... the West Coast captain...Dean Cox.....Great Idea...But Glass is also a pretty good captain for us and gets the job done.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    agree with you mate

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