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? asked in Arts & HumanitiesTheater & Acting · 1 decade ago

how can i become an actress?

i'm 14 and live in san diego, i really want to be an actress. But, i don't know what the real agencies r online.what do i do? how do i do it? how much is all this? any suggestions.PLEASE:(

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Its a matter of building some connections, as well as getting credible training. Your first step is getting down the fundamentals. Get online and do a search for acting programs with a youth component. I did a quick search and pulled a reasonably credible looking program-

    Don't be in a rush. Take your time, find some good training, and once you begin to learn the profession, it comes pretty naturally. I started acting training when I was 17.

  • pazo
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    5 years ago

    I'll be blunt. You're no longer going to be a popular actress. The odds are extraordinarily stacked towards you. Go get lunch in LA, and you're going to meet a couple of actress/waitress who needs to be the following big name. To be sincere, your odds are even worse. Now that Sandra Bullock is a celebrity, she can also be choosy approximately what she does. An actor who has no longer made it huge takes any and each viable function, hoping to get spotted. If that suggests making a song on a cat meals commericial, you do it. Only being in a single exhibit isn't a well begin. A few popular actors make huge cash, however the leisure can not even help themselves with performing. Are you going to be the only in 1 who hits it huge? Probably no longer. If you move the clinical monitor, you'll make a well residing. Even should you can not relatively make it into clinical college, you'll move to PA college or NP college or get your MSN, and you're going to make a well residing.

  • 1 decade ago

    make your own tv show or movie

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