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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 1 decade ago

OMG what should i dooo?

've been talking more recently and even though it's little stuff it's still cool rite? well, yeah and there's his other dude i like. the first one is more of a jokester(not class-clown) but like he's funny und stuff. the second guy is really sweet und he make me smile alot (the other makes me smile too))und we can have decent convos togethur. so idk who i like more b/c iv'e just started to like the first guy about 2-3weeks ago und i've liked the other guy before, but like earlier in the year. yeaah. so idk what to do und stuff because i'm not sure which guy that i like more...but both of them seem to have some kind of interest somewhat in me cuz the first guy(jokester) when i talk to him he sorta looks down alot und he doesn't relly say much but when he's around other pplz, he's like "hey! yeah! whoa! haha!"all this talkativeness going i alwas see him looking at me und stuff so that should mean something..i guess.. the other guy(sweet) he like blabbers and blabbers(perhaps he just talks alot)und whenever i talk to him he just stares into my eyes 4 like ever und then of course i get embarrased und i look away.und he always want me to go places with him(even if it's juss the water fountain) und even when he screws up the tiniest thing he apologizes und stuff, but i think its real sweet. like yesterday at our concert he had to b somewhere else und he und some of my other friends were in the band room with me und alot of other ppl und he's all like come to the water fountain with me und stuuf and i was like okay after a while b/c i was supposed to say in the bandroom(to practice) and i didnt want to get caught if i left. und he was like u can just walk with me, just you and me und stuff rite when we were passing by these two guys that were staring at us walkins. then we saw our band director after i got a drink und he was like oh crap she saw us und lets go and stuff(cuz she did) then he was all like i'm so sorry, you can blame it on me , it's all my fault i'm so sorry brianna and he was sooo cute but i was also like no, it's cool it's okay und aww crap she's gonna yell at us. but she didnt even say anything when i passed rite her cuz i tried to disguise my voice and was like excuse me. lol

so i relly don't know who to pick because they both have really nice personalities and they are both cute/hot lol

help anyone?


I like this guy but I don't think he likes me back. I'm only in one if his classes (English) and that's a good thing. But the problem wth that is that there are the "louder" girls and they usually get his attention instead of mine. In class one time, our eyes locked for about 5 seconds. He also smiles in my direction sometimes, but there are 2 other, prettier looking girls at my table. What if he's looking at them and not me? We never really talked at all, but when he speaks in class, he's pretty funny. What should I do? And how should I get him to notice me an ask me out?

If you read all of this you are wasting your ******* TIMEE! but if you did manage to reach this by scrollin down or whatever lemme know by commenting "I like waffles" along with your comment. i wanna see how this test works out :D

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    um wayyyy to long. didnt read a single word

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