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IF I get this grade on my final what grade will I get in the class?

Hey guys I wwas wondering If anyone was good at figuring these out.

Marine Science: I have a 76 in the class, and I want an 80. If the final is 10 percent of the grade, what percent do I need to get an 80?

Theology: I have a 77 and I want an 80 in the class. If the final is is 20 percent of the grade, what percent do I need to get an 80?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    ummm im not 100% sure that i did it correctly for you first class you would have to get a 116% on the final =/ and in your other class i got that you would have to get at least a 92%

    what i did to get those was ---- where x is = the grade you need to get on final (incase someone whats to see if i did it the right way

    (.9)(76) + .1x = 80

    68.4 + .1x = 80

    .1x = 11.6

    x = 116

    and for the second one:

    (.8)(77) + .2x= 80

    61.6+.2x = 80

    .2x = 18.4

    x = 92

    anyways good luck with your finals!

  • 1 decade ago

    116 because 76(90%) + x(.1) = 80

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